Wild bull attacks a tourist in front of onlookers on popular Mexico beach: ‘Get away!’

A startling video captured the moment a wild bull attacked a tourist multiple times on a beach in Mexico despite horrified onlookers pleading beforehand for the woman to move away from the massive beast.

The female tourist, who was not identified, was face-to-face with the bull as she stood under her tent at Baja California Sur in Cabo on Saturday, according to The Sudcaliforniano.

Shockingly, the oblivious tourist did not try to flee from the aggressive cattle but instead began feeding it from a bowl while attempting to gather her things. 

The unidentified tourist was seen feeding the wild bull before it attacked her on a beach in Mexico on Saturday. María Leticia Montaño Casas via Storyful

The tourist, donning a tan hat and black sundress, eventually snatched her belongings from the four-legged, horned animal.

However, having fed the animal, it begins to follow her. 

She drops her things and momentarily steps back, but as the bull sticks its nose in her bag, she again gets dangerously close to it, yanking the bag away from the massive creature.

“Lady, you are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that,” a male bystander pleads with her in English. 

The woman pushed the bull’s head away from her bag as the bystander continued urging her to “please” move away. 

Despite onlookers pleading for her to move away from the animal, she ignores them and eventually is attacked. María Leticia Montaño Casas via Storyful

“You’re not doing us any favors,” the man yelled. 

Seconds later, the bull begins to attack, shoving its horns in her direction and causing her to drop her bags and step back. 

Instead of fleeing from the potentially deadly situation, she tries to grab one of the bags. 

The bull then takes its horns and shoves them directly into her — plowing her body into the sand while other beachgoers hiding behind vehicles watch on in horror, unable to intervene. 

She’s seen being tossed around like a rag doll as other beachgoers can only watch in horror. María Leticia Montaño Casas via Storyful

She gets up, but the bull seemingly strikes her in the face with one of its horns, causing her to fall. 

The tourist then is repeatedly attacked and rolled by the massive bull’s horns, kicking up cloud sand as she’s violently tossed around.

“We tried to f–king tell you,” the bystander added.

The bull rams its horns into her body multiple times during the attack. María Leticia Montaño Casas via Storyful

Fortunately, a brave woman carrying a bucket of water runs out from behind a truck and throws water at the bull, causing it to run away from the tourist, who scrambles to safety.

Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone operational coordinator in Los Cabos, Víctor Manuel Torres García, told The Sudcaliforniano that federal employees do not regularly patrol the beach where the attack happened, so no report was made.

He added that the condition and identity of the tourist gored by the bull are unknown. 

Torres García did explain that it’s normal for livestock to be seen roaming the coastline given that many ranchers are located near the beaches — but warned beachgoers to remain cautious when they’re around. 

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