TV anchor Bill Lunn resigns after he was accused of sexting teen girl

A married Louisiana TV anchor has abruptly quit his job after it was accused of sexting with someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl. But, when he set up a meet with the teen, “she” turned out to be a trio of vigilante “predator hunters,” according to reports.

Bill Lunn, 59, who was news director and a key on-air face at KTBS in Shreveport, arranged the meetup at his home during lunchtime on May 29, the vigilantes told NBC6 News. When three men arrived, he called to cops — and claimed the men beat him up and tried to steal his truck.

However, the amateur sleuths — Antonio Coleman, Kameron Kennon and Kataurio Grigsby — waited for the cops and told their side of the story.

They handed over what they said was a trove of evidence that proved to Lunn’s pervy behavior.

“You could see the guilt in his eyes. He knew like, ‘Oh, I’m done’,” Coleman told the station.

Bill Lunn, 59, resigned as anchor and news director of the KTBS station on Monday after police started probing claims he’d been sexting an underage girl. Facebook / Bill Lunn

The trio, who describe themselves as “predator hunters”, said they’d created a fake profile on dating app Meet Me and had been posing as the teen for several weeks in a bid to “catfish” local men who were trying to meet underage girls for sex.

They claimed Lunn started engaging with the so-called teen late on May 28 — the night before he allegedly made arrangements to meet.

“They had a little conversation going on, and he asked how old she was. The girl told him she was 15 years old,” Coleman, who claimed he was pretending to be the teen, told NBC 6.

The TV anchor’s alleged plan to meet the girl was foiled when Lunn found himself face-to-face with three men who claimed to be conducting their own pedophile sting operation. Facebook / Bill Lunn

“He was like sending pictures to her. He was saying like he wanted to do this to her,” he continued. “Explicit things that I can’t say on camera.”

When the news anchor arrived at his home for the meetup, Coleman said he quickly fled after the trio alerted him to the sting operation.

“As Bill was running off, he yells, ‘I have a wife and kids’,” Grigsby said.

“I’m sitting there as he’s running off, like in my head, how can you say that when you literally walked yourself in the house expecting to meet an underage teenager.”

Lunn, a married father, has “vehemently” denied the allegations leveled against him, his lawyer told The Post. Facebook / Bill Lunn

Lunn’s attorney, Dhu Thompson, told The Post on Wednesday that the newsman “vehemently denies” the allegations leveled against him.

“It is our preliminary understanding that this incident was not the result of a law enforcement investigation, but rather one done by private individuals,” Thompson said in a statement.

“Our primary concern at this time is that law enforcement receives all evidence surrounding this incident so that they can make a thorough and complete review. Mr. Lunn has cooperated with authorities and vehemently denies any allegations of wrongdoing.

“It is our hope that after a thorough review of all the evidence surrounding this matter that Mr. Lunn will be shown to be innocent and cleared of all allegations.”

Lunn started working at KTSB in 2019 and was promoted to news director last August, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The TV station launched an internal investigation immediately after learning of the incident outside his home last week.

“His resignation was effective immediately on Monday,” the outlet said.  

So far, no charges have been brought against Lunn or the men involved in the sting.

The Post reached out to local cops but didn’t hear back immediately.


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