Tracy Morgan blasts Draymond Green over ‘fluke’ Knicks take

Knicks superfan Tracy Morgan had a message for Draymond Green before Game 5 of New York’s second-round series against the Pacers. 

And Morgan isn’t taking any “crap” from Knicks haters.

The comedian was given the mic during “Inside the NBA” by TNT’s Chris Haynes made sure to let Green know that he didn’t appreciate the comments that the Warriors’ forward previously made about the Knicks during the team’s playoff run. 

“Let me tell you something, Draymond, I love you like kung fu. I love you like the fat kid loves cake,” Morgan said directly into the courtside camera at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. “Don’t talk crap about my team. This is New York City kid. This is the home of King Kong, this is where he died. This is how we get down. This is New York City.” 

Tracy Morgan grabbed the mic to call out Draymond Green.

Green was attempting to respond but realized that Morgan wouldn’t be able to hear Green say anything since the “30 Rock” star wasn’t wearing an earpiece. 

Morgan didn’t appear to notice and continued to call out Green. 

“Don’t talk about my team, Draymond. I love you, peace,” he finished. 

The brief appearance by Morgan drew plenty of laughter from the studio crew, and host Ernie Johnson joked that only Haynes “would give Tracy Morgan a mic and no way to hear any kind of rebuttal from Draymond Green.” 

Green joked that it was a setup. 

Draymond Green laughed off the comments from Tracy Morgan.

The four-time All-Star has made a number of comments about the Knicks, recently saying that their success was a “fluke” and they were setting up their fans for “misery” during an episode of the “The Draymond Green Show.”

He had also said before the first round that he didn’t believe the Knicks could stop Joel Embiid. 

“Why do Knicks fans think I hate the Knicks, though,” Green asked the rest of the “Inside the NBA” panel on Tuesday. 

The Knicks are now in a pivotal Game 5 at home. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Green pushed back when Kenny Smith suggested that Green previously said that he didn’t like New York. 

Then the NBAer then seemed to go into heel mode. 

“I told the truth about the team. And the truth about the team was, it’s a fluke,” Green said, appearing to smirk as he uttered the words. 

Green did go on to compare the Knicks to the Trail Blazers when they paid a number of key players and then got “jammed up” the next season because they weren’t as good as they appeared to be. 

“I think this New York Knicks team could be a setup to be jammed up. And now everybody mad at me like I hate the Knicks,” Green said. 

The Knicks and Pacers are tied 2-2 in their best-of-seven series.

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