These states have the cheapest and most expensive fast food

With rancor over rising fast food prices at an all time high, it’s easy to forget that not all states are California or New York.

Yes, it’s true, for example, that McDonald’s prices have nearly tripled in a decade in at least some cases, but in some parts of the country, you might hardly notice.

That’s according to a new study released by online coupon platform BravoDeal, examining which states pay the least for their quick service favorites — and which states pay the most.

Prices at chains like McDonald’s have indeed skyrocketed — but remain surprisingly affordable in some states. dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Researchers chose four well-known menu items at four of the most popular chains — the McDonald’s Big Mac, a medium cheese pizza fom Domino’s, a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A and a combo from Taco Bell, before digging in to find the statewide average price paid for each, Eat This, Not That! reported.

Three states in the Deep South topped the list of the lowest prices, with Mississippi taking the number one spot for affordability. Magnolia Staters, for example, pay an average of $2.99 for the classic sandwich from Chick-fil-A — far, far below the $6.99 being charged in some NYC stores.

Want a Big Mac in Biloxi? That’ll be an average of $3.91 — much cheaper than the $8.09 found at a McD’s in Massachusetts earlier this year.

Taco Bell lovers in Mississippi pay an average of $5.67 for a combo meal, data showed — in Alaska, you’ll pay just over $7 on average, possibly much more than that.

And finally, Domino’s — that medium cheese pie averages around $13.49 in the Gulf Coast state, while Seattleites might pay up to $16.99.

Mississippi pays the least for popular fast food meals, according to a new study. kellyvandellen

Arkansas and Alabama were number two and three on the cheapest states list, with Nebraska and Kentucky rounding out the top five.

And while the weather might be heaven, fast food prices are rather hellish in Hawaii, dubbed the most expensive state. There, a Domino’s pizza averaged $18.99, a Big Mac $5.31, a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich for $4.06 and a Taco Bell combo for $7.70.

New York took the number two spot on the list, with a $14.49 average for the pizza, $5.23 for the burger, $4 for the chicken sandwich and $7.58 for the Taco Bell combo.

Hawaii may have a lot to offer — but affordable fast food is definitely not on the list. sapfirr

New Jersey ranked number three, followed by California at number four and Maryland at number five.

The Golden State has been getting an outsized amount of attention over its fast food prices, as the minimum wage for workers in the sector rocketed to $20/hour.

“Hawaii’s position as the most expensive state comes as no surprise, given its remote island location, which drives up the costs of goods due to transportation expenses,” Marco Farnararo, CEO and co-founder of Bravo Savings Network told the outlet.

“However, what’s really interesting is the variety of price ranges we see elsewhere. From wallet-friendly Mississippi to the slightly more expensive areas such as California and New York, it’s eye-opening for anyone who loves a quick takeaway.”

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