The New York Times sees the left on fire with Jew-hate and blames Republicans

Campuses across the nation bristle with leftist protesters screeching for intifada; powerful Democrats co-sign the ugliest and most open Jew-hate — but The New York Times insists it’s actually the Republicans who are antisemites; they’re just hiding it to “seize the political advantage.”

It’s all laid out in a 3,500-plus word work of apologetics for the anti-Zionist brownshirts now prominent in the paper’s preferred political party.

You see, the GOP has embraced antisemitism chiefly by . . . criticizing George Soros. 

Yes, that’s the Times’ actual line. 

Attacking one of the world’s richest and most powerful men for spending his billions on bad policy — including on groups that back Jew-hating protestors! — is a stalking horse for secret antisemitism. 

Therefore, and as always, the Republicans are the real bad guys. 

Not Khymani James, the Columbia protest leader who said Zionists don’t deserve to live, nor the students shouting for Jews to go back to Poland.

Not the university administrators who enable and coddle the Krazy Keffiyeh Kids, nor New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the secret superfan ofYouTube conspiracy theories who long denied Hamas’ violent, on-video rapes.

No, when it comes to all that, the Times says, “Debate rages over the extent to which the protests on the political left constitute coded or even direct attacks on Jews.”

Imagine the paper’s reporting on a torchlight Nuremberg parade: Debate rages over the extent to which the protests of the NSDAP constitute coded or even direct attacks on Jews

But we’re pretty sure these modern Jew-haters (think tents, not torches) have made their message 100% clear. 

As have the president and his Cabinet, by doing their damnedest to undermine and isolate the Jewish state in its justified and humane counterattack against Hamas. 

It’s obvious why the Times is doing this: The campus protests are hurting the president and his party — since most Americans, red or blue, rightly hate Hamas and its stateside fifth-columnists. 

The piece is desperate flailing, in other words, to deflect Biden’s richly deserved blame before November. 

It won’t work. Biden now owns the pro-Hamas elements in his party (or perhaps they own him?) and nothing short of a full and public repudiation will change that. 

We don’t recommend holding your breath on that one, though.

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