Socialist NYC pol Emily Gallagher hates YOUR car but loves hers

Assembly Member Emily Gallagher (D-Brooklyn) hates cars — except her own.

The upstate-transplant socialist and “safe streets” lover has notched at least 46 (!!!) tickets these past 2½ years, for a total of more than $4,000. 

Turns out the white Buick of this tatted tribune of the people was caught illegally blocking fire hydrants.

Power to the workers! Unless their building’s on fire, in which case: Screw ’em. 

Far worse, the Rochester-reared revolutionary’s car has ripped through at least one red light — in The Bronx, a borough that’s almost 90% people of color. 

Guess black lives DON’T matter when ol’ Emily’s in a rush. 

No wonder she slammed driving as a “very kind of aggressive activity” in a 2022 interview. 

She clearly assumes everyone else drives like a leadfooted suburbanite sociopath, too.

And — as is by now customary for New York’s leftist pols — she’s a massive hypocrite when it comes to her own preferred vices. 

When she’s not blithely endangering lives by blowing through reds or doing her personal best to make sure the FDNY can’t put out fires, she’s taking other drivers to task.  

By (for example) going on X to lambaste people for parking in crosswalks, though she got caught doing the exact same thing. 

Or backing laws to drop speed limits to 10MPH and to shrink the number of car lanes on super-busy McGuinness Boulevard. 

Don’t forget screaming about climate change while driving in a city with major public-transit capacity. 

Can’t ride the subway; that’s for those icky poors! Right, Em? 

And when confronted with evidence of her scofflawism, she simply scoffs some more: “I don’t have speeding or school-zone violations. Just some parking tickets I’ve paid,” she sneered to The Post. 

Yeah, four grand worth. That’s enough scratch for a seat in first class, set on fire. 

And it’s funny how she “forgot” the red-light run-through. 

After getting called out, she launched into a weepy, delusional meltdown on X in which she accused Post reporters of being “operatives” (for the Vast Legal Parking & Traffic Light Conspiracy, no doubt).  

It’s almost funny how clockwork-predictable the cycle is: Leftist pol gets caught in obvious hypocrisy and throws a full-diaper tantrum. 

What makes it tragic is the fact that Gallagher (like every other elected DSA fraud) is taking taxpayer dollars while acting like laws are only for the little people.

You know: the ones she’s putting at risk with her erratic road behavior even as they’re required to pay her salary. 

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