Soccer Mommy Sings About Loss on New Song ‘Lost’

Tune is artist’s first single since 2022’s Sometimes Forever

On her new single, “Lost,” Soccer Mommy cloaks a void of despair in swirling acoustic guitars, orchestral strings, and chirping birdies. It’s a beautiful tribute to someone — possibly a friend or a lover, but a close read of the lyrics suggests her mother or a close family member (she doesn’t say for certain) — and the artist, whose real name is Sophie Allison, sings the words in a deceptively wistful way that belies the underlying grief. “I’ve got a way of keeping her with me where I go,” she confides at one point in the song, “But how she feels I’ll never know … It’s lost to me.” It’s gorgeous in how open it is to interpretation.

A lyric video directed by Anna Pollack offers no further clues to Allison’s subject. In it, Allison wanders through thrush, avoids a lake, smells yellow flowers, and, in a true signal of hopelessness, completely ignores a cute, prowling cat nearby. She’s that sad.

Allison’s press statement about the song is predictably obtuse, teasing her current tour — dubbed “The Lost Shows” — more than the intention behind her poesy. “‘Lost’ feels like something new and something old at the same time,” she said. “It’s a song that’s full of reflection and I wanted its production to really capture that feeling. I’m happy to have a chance to play it at these more intimate solo shows, because I think it really shines in that setting.”

Maybe she’ll explain it better to audiences at her upcoming concerts.


Soccer Mommy tour dates:

June 7 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas 
June 9 – Nashville, TN @ The Blue Room 
July 28 – Portland, OR @ Project Pabst
Aug. 10 – Beech Mountain, NC @ Beech Mountain Ski Resort
Sept. 29 – Washington, DC @ All Things Go Festival

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