Polite passenger’s airplane seat swap backfires with ‘gross’ foot antics: ‘That’s disgusting’

Another day, another nightmare at 30,000 feet.

This time, a passenger who swapped seats with a fellow flyer’s kid was horrified after getting subjected to said traveler’s bare feet for half the flight. They detailed the pedi crime in a post currently taking flight on Reddit.

“The dad does this all flight,” the unnamed Redditor griped about a “gross” incident, which occurred aboard an unspecified plane trip.

According to the post, the inflight foot violator had asked if the passenger could trade seats with his son so the kid could sit by the window (another increasingly contentious issue in the not-so-friendly skies).

The Redditor said he obliged as he didn’t “have the heart to say no,” adding that the father “looked super happy about it.”

The feet.
“I get the middle seat in the middle isle and the dad does this all flight,” the Redditor wrote alongside a pic of the passenger’s pedi crime. Reddit/-kizza-

However, the passenger — who was now seated in the “middle seat of the middle aisle” next to the dad — realized the gesture was a mistake after the man removed his shoes and socks midflight and went barefoot for the remainder of the trip.

An accompanying photo shows the perpetrator lounging with his naked tootsies protruding into the Redditor’s space as if in a Japanese Izakaya in the sky.

The Redditariat was horrified at the man’s podiatric violation.

“That’s disgusting,” said one commenter, while another wrote, “I’ll never understand why people remove their shoes in public. Keep your nasty feet away. No one wants to see that.”

A third shared a similar tale of being subjected to someone’s sock-less feet mid-flight.

“I was an unaccompanied minor 10 years ago and I remember I was sat in the front next to a guy who had his shoes and socks off and his feet were rank,” they wrote. “I told him to put them back on (quietly) and he said no thanks. So I LOUDLY asked if he could put them on because his feet were rank and making me nauseous. He put them on quick.”

A plane aisle.
The passenger had swapped seats with the man’s kid so he could sit by the window. Getty Images/iStockphoto

However, some Redditors felt like the original poster deserved what he got for being a “pushover” and giving up his seat so easily.

“That’s OP’s fault for being a sucker,” wrote one critic.

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