Peso Pluma Confirms He Broke His Foot During Gov Ball

Despite the Mexican dynamo’s injury, he soldiered on, sharing photos from his performance

Peso Pluma broke his foot during his headlining set at Governors Ball — but that didn’t stop the Mexican phenom from performing. The injury appeared to have happened while he was dancing on stage. “I can’t even barely stand, but I don’t give a fuck,” he told the audience before jumping into “AMG” to a loud ovation.

At the time, it wasn’t clear what happened, but he later confirmed the injury on Instagram. In a post, he shared a series of photos from his performance, including a few that showed his taped-up foot as he soldiered on. “broken foot ? IDGAF! … THANKS NEW YORK. YALL ENERGY WAS INSANE !  LOS AMOOOOOO!,” he wrote.

But despite him keeping the energy up on stage, he definitely was suffering, as he revealed in the aftermath of the injury via his Instagram stories. “Thanks New York it was so craaazy I fucking love you!,” he captioned a photo where he flashed a peace sign from a hospital bed. “Esperandos los rayitos” [waiting for the rays], he added.

“Fractura confirmada,” he wrote, confirming he fractured his foot to caption another photo where he’s clutching his head and flipping the bird, as one would to receive that unwelcome news.


Still, he ends on an encouraging note, sharing a clip of Michael Jordan giving an inspiring pep talk as he and the Chicago Bulls pause for a photo at the Eiffel Tower, celebrate wins, and play on the court: “It’s about knowing where you’re going, not forgetting where you started. It’s about having the courage to fail. Not breaking when you’re broken.”

Peso Pluma is set to drop a new album, Éxodo, on June 20, with a tour to follow, which runs through October.

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