Pennsyvlania crossing guard, Kiara Lee, gave middle school students weed, vapes

A school crossing guard has been accused of giving Pennsylvania middle school students drugs and even smoked weed with at least one of them.

Police in Delaware County arrested 26-year-old Kiara Lee on Tuesday after she allegedly gave the children electronic cigarettes and marijuana edibles.

Lee, a crossing guard for Penn Wood Middle School in Darby, PA, was seen on multiple occasions by a student witness giving drugs and vapes to at least two students.

The student witness reported Lee to school officials after one of the student’s shared they were frequently smoking weed with the crossing guard.

She was known to have provided vapes to the juvenile several times, and the student was known to be in possession of marijuana, according to WCAU.

Kiara Lee was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly providing middle school students with drugs and vapes. Delaware County District Attorney’s Office

One student’s guardian confirmed to police that Lee had been giving the child vapes and marijuana edibles, the outlet reported.

“We walk past everyday, so a lot of students see her passing it around and they would say ‘oh let me hit the vape, let me hit the vape,’” one student told WTXF.

Along with the unethical “gift” giving Lee also reportedly kept a conversation through text messages with one of the students, where they would share their experiences after ingesting edibles.

Lee was known to have provided vapes to the juvenile several times, and the student was known to be in possession of marijuana. 6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

Law enforcement officials blasted Lee’s behavior and actions saying it was unacceptable for anyone, especially school crossing guards to be giving drugs to minors.

“While marijuana may not seem like a big deal to some folks in the community, I think we can all agree that crossing guards should not be providing narcotics -– even if it is ‘just’ marijuana – to our kids,” Darby Borough Chief Joseph Gabe said, according to WPVI.

“School crossing guards epitomize the role of public servant. They are – quite literally – entrusted with the lives of our children and hold a position of sacred trust in communities across the Commonwealth and the country,” said Delaware County District Attorney Stollsteimer.

Lee was a crossing guard near Penn Wood Middle School in Darby, PA. Fox 29 Philadelphia/YouTube

“For an individual to abuse that trust is deeply disturbing, and corrosive to the well-being of the entire community,” Stollsteimer added.

Parents in the community were outraged to learn about Lee’s actions.

“It’s already bad enough as a parent, keeping them away from influences, but to hear that an employee of the borough would even sell to kids. It’s insane,” Maya Bryant told Fox 29.

“It’s a shame to have these people on these corners to do their job, to protect children and now you’re telling me the kids are receiving drugs from them? It’s utterly disgusting,” Malekka Dade added.

Lee was charged with two felony counts drug possession with intent to deliver, two misdemeanor counts of corruption of a minor and two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana, court records viewed by The Post show.

Lee is being held in the Delaware County jail after failing to post her $20,000 bail. 6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

She is being held in the Delaware County jail after being unable to post her $20,000 bail.

Lee is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on June 14.

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