‘Live’: Kelly Ripa Confesses She Let Mark Consuelos Wear Pants That Looked “Ridiculous” For Her Own “Amusement”

Mark Consuelos gave Kelly Ripa the ultimate Mother’s Day gift without even knowing it — and the reveal on Live with Kelly and Mark this morning was priceless.

Ripa made her confession after Consuelos brought up that “at a certain age, guys should stop wearing certain clothes,” once again citing “skinny jeans” as a prime example.

They then pulled up the iconic meme of a French bulldog standing on its hind legs, which reads “what most men look like wearing skinny jeans.”

Ripa couldn’t get over the image, saying, “That is so accurate that I can’t even — it is like crazy accurate. That looks like every guy in the Hamptons in the summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, that is all men in the Hamptons, where you go, what happened?”

Consuelos teased, “Does your mirror work at home?”

He admitted that he owns “a few pairs of jeans” that he said he has to get rid of, one of which Ripa claimed he actually wore this weekend.

Consuelos continued, “I’m like, wait, these fit different a few years ago.”

Ripa recalled, “You were very funny. You go, ‘Do these jeans look ridiculous?’ And I thought they kind of looked ridiculous, but it was Mother’s Day, and I go, ‘No!’”

She and Consuelos became hysterical, as he exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

“Wait a minute! You’re not supposed to do that!” he added.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live with Kelly and Mark'
Photo: ABC

Ripa justified her misstep, teasing that she did it “for [her] own amusement.”

Consuelos remained stunned, noting that he “bought those last year” as Ripa joked, “I know, and see what happens? Overnight, you turned into the dog!”

Consuelos opted to blame the whole situation on his “very serious” arm injury, explaining that he “can’t work out the top half” of his body.

“So I’ve been just training legs,” he continued. “And everything fits differently. I thought you would appreciate that.”

Ripa said, “I appreciated it so much I told you not to change!”

Consuelos pleaded, “Wait, are you just doing this for TV or did I really look silly? I need to know right now!”

Ripa jokingly kept mum, teasing, “You’ll never know! You tell me!”

In turn, Consuelos claimed he “would never do that” to Ripa.

“I would never let you go out looking like that dog,” he added, before asking, “I didn’t look like that dog though, right?”

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