KitKats slathered with ketchup is the latest bizarre food trend: ‘This should be illegal’

Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar … covered with ketchup?

The latest disturbing food trend gracing people’s For You pages on TikTok is the popular chocolate candy slathered with the tomato-based condiment.

Whether drizzled with ketchup, dipped like french fries into ketchup or the entire bar smothered by it, the combination has gone viral in every way you can imagine.

The latest disturbing food trend gracing people’s For You Pages on TikTok is KitKats with ketchup. rosinka79 –

Naturally, many people are grossed out by the strange combination, but others say not to yuck their yum.

The trend appears to have first made its rounds in 2021, but it’s had a resurgence, with even Heinz and KitKat getting in on it.

The official KitKat Instagram account posted a video of employees testing the combo for themselves with mixed reviews — and mixed responses in the comments.

“I feel this trend will take some time to ketchup,” someone quipped.

“Jail. Now. Goodbye,” another wrote.

“The fact this is coming from the official KitKat page scares me,” a user said.

Even KitKat Canada expressed concern, commenting, “Is everything ok over there?”

One TikTok user tried it in response to a comment claiming the snack was “surprisingly good,” and while he “had his doubts,” he laughed with glee after taking a bite.

“Does the government know about this?” he quipped. “This feels illegal. This should be illegal. Why does that work?”

“How do people find these combinations?? Was it like oops, I spilled my ketchup on it & said ‘F’ it, im gonna eat it anyway??” one person asked in the comments.

“Can’t decide if I’m more upset about the combo or the way you ate that KitKat,” another wrote, referencing how the user bit into the bar rather than breaking it.

While the combo isn’t necessarily an obvious choice, there’s a reason why it works and why it has some shockingly positive reviews.

The two brands posted a mockup on Instagram of a “KitKat’chup” bar. Vera Aksionava –

The saltiness of ketchup actually complements the sweet cacao of the KitKat — similar to sweet and salty treats that people often crave. The sweetness and tartness of the two also go well together, as well as the crunchy texture of the bar and the umami notes of ketchup.

Pairing tomatoes with chocolate isn’t all that far-fetched, either, considering tomatoes are actually derived from berries, according to Foodie.

Could this be the big snack combo of the future? Heinz and KitKat seem to think so, hinting at a possible collaboration.

The saltiness of ketchup complements the KitKat’s sweet cacao. showcake –

The two brands posted a mockup on Instagram of a “KitKat’chup” bar.

“What did yall drink before posting this????” a concerned fan commented.

“There’s still time to delete this,” another joked.

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