‘Jeopardy!’ contestants hilariously whiff on sports category

“Jeopardy!” contestants generally aren’t known for their sports knowledge, but the three that competed on Tuesday’s episode struck out big time.

There were three particular clues in the” 21st Century Sports” category that they struggled with in the latest episode, with a gimme — at least to sports fans — on the $400 one.

The clue read: “In 2007, this National League squad became the first team with 10,000 losses; in 2008 they won the World Series behind Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard.”

Despite having two of the key players from the Phillies’ title run listed in the clue, Christina, the middle contestant, buzzed in and incorrectly guessed the Cubs.

No one else chimed in, so the $400 was off the table.

The $800 clue offered no reprieve.

“A bit like sci-fi’s Anywhere Door or Phoenix Gate, it opened on Oct. 15, 2018 to whisk college athletes to a new school,” host Ken Jennings read.

“Jeopardy!” stumped the contestants on the category.

However, none of the three contestants wanted to give it the old college try, and the “what is the transfer portal?” words were never uttered by anyone other than Jennings.

Back to the professional ranks, things didn’t improve with $1,000 on the line.

“Then with Oklahoma City, this master of the triple-double became the first back-to-back MVP in the NBA All-Star Game since the 1950s,” Jennings read as a picture of Russell Westbrook was flashed on the screen.

Cole Hamels pitched on the Phillies during their strong run as they
won the 2008 World Series. UPI
Russell Westbrook holds the MVP trophy after the NBA All-Star basketball game on Feb. 15, 2015. AP

Adriana, the four-day champion, guessed Kevin Durant, which, to be fair, was a good guess considering he and Westbrook were a fearsome tandem with the Thunder.

Alas, the guess was wrong, and Adriana lost $1,000 off her score.

But, in the end, she continued her streak, winning her fifth straight game to bring her total up over $116,000.

Taking in some of those clues on the sports section might’ve earned her a couple of more bucks, though.

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