Illuminati Hotties Announce New Album ‘Power’

Their fourth full-length release is out in August

Illuminati Hotties is officially back in full sunshine-tinged rock glory with a new album, Power. Sarah Tudzin, the innovative indie producer behind the project, set the release date for August 23. The fourth LP from Illuminati Hotties is out on Hopeless Records, which Tudzin has had imprint label Snack Shack Tracks with since 2021.

Along with the announcement, Illuminati Hotties shared the lead single “Didn’t,” featuring English singer-songwriter Robbie Skinner, who performs under the name Cavetown. The track is a carefree jaunt with insistent guitar riffs to carry it through. In the video, Tudzin is driven down L.A.’s Sunset Strip by a tour guide who is played by comedian Caleb Hearon.

A press release for the announcement revealed Power to showcase Tudzin’s “strongest and perhaps deepest set of songs.” Since 2018, Tudzin has put out three albums under the cheeky stage name. The last release, 2021 Let Me Do One More, was met with critical acclaim.


Last month, Tudzin shared the first single and album opener, “Can’t Be Still,” from the project and detailed a U.S. tour. The track list for Power is below:

1. Can’t Be Still
2. I Would like, Still Love You
3. Throw (Life Raft)
4. Rot
5. Falling In Love With Somebody Better
6. The L
7. Sleeping In
8. Didn’t (feat. Cavetown)
9. You Are Not Who You Were
10. What’s The Fuzz
11. YSL
12. Power
13. Everything Changes

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