Ceiling panel falls off on Delta Airlines flight from Honolulu

A Delta passenger captured the shocking moment a panel became dislodged from the ceiling of an aircraft during a flight from Honolulu to Minneapolis.

Marissa Walton was on board the plane on Saturday when the incident occurred, with two flight attendants scrambling to place the panel back into position.

“I’m not an expert, but this doesn’t look great,” the freaked-out flier captioned her clip, which has subsequently gone viral online.

Walton’s footage shows that the plane was packed with passengers and that the panel became dislodged above one flier’s head.

Thankfully, it appears nobody was injured during the debacle.

MSN reports that the panel became dislodged during landing and the plane was a Boeing 767-300.

Instagram / Marisa K. Walton

The Post has reached out to Delta for more information on the incident.

On social media, the footage frightened viewers, with one writing on Instagram: “I would’ve stood up a lot sooner to help bc just watching this made me anxious haha.”

Meanwhile, other pundits made jokes about the fact that the aircraft was manufactured by Boeing, which has been in the headlines for a series of mechanical failures in recent months.

“Boeing’s new Jigsaw-style game where passengers have to put together the airplane while it’s at altitude before it crashes,” one quipped.

Instagram / Marisa K. Walton

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 is currently under federal investigation after a cabin panel blew off an Alaska Airlines flight mid-air in January, forcing an emergency landing.

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