Bogus Gaza death counts again prove the United Nations is another Hamas stooge

The United Nations’ sudden about-face on the civilian death toll in Gaza — halving its count of women and children killed — is fresh proof that the UN bureaucracy sides with Hamas.

Better late than never? Well, this comes after months of the UN endorsing the blatantly bogus claims of the Hamas-run health ministry, when those lies have already enflamed protests that have the White House breaking with Israel.

That is, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs got what it wanted; time to regain some credibility in advance of the next time it wants to endorse terrorists’ propaganda.

Heck, they’ve got President Biden talking regularly about Israel’s supposed “excess force” in a sad bid to get good with the ignorant kids and other lefty protesters.

He even quoted the Hamas-UN “data” in his State of the Union Address.

When the reality is that Israel, more than any other nation engaged in urban warfare ever, including the United States, has bent over backward to mitigate harm to Gazan civilians.

UN corruption goes much deeper, of course: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the special branch dedicated to caring for Palestinian “refugees” (meaning the descendants of people who fled during Arab nations’ 1948 attempt at genocide of Israel’s founders), has worked to radicalize this populace for decades.

UNRWA-provided schoolbooks propagate rank antisemitism and false history — concealing, for example, the fact that most Israelis, far from being “settler colonialists,” also descend from families that never left the Middle East.

UNRWA sat silently by these last two decades as Hamas diverted aid meant for ordinary Gazans to constructing its 600 miles of underground bunkers and tunnels and to recruiting and arming its terror battalions.

And UNRWA workers joined in Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack; Hamas rockets have been found in its schools several times, and the terror group’s tunnel network had a major node beneath UNRWA headquarters in Gaza.

In short, UN staff helped lay the groundwork for the terrorists’ atrocities, then endorsed Hamas’ propaganda when Israel struck back.

It’s been a long time coming: The Arab states put a decades-long priority on turning the UN bureaucracy against Israel, long aided by the Soviet bloc and, increasingly, the international left.

All to build the myth of Zionism’s supposed evils.

You can count on most of the Western media, the protesters and the White House to ignore the UN office’s belated correction: The narrative of “Israel’s excess force” is set, and they’re all now invested in it.

All ordinary Americans can do is insist that not another dime of their taxes goes to fund UNRWA or the larger UN bureaucracy, and elect US politicians committed to not funding the propaganda machine.

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