Airline worker tumbles from plane after not realizing that coworkers moved ladder

Always look before you step off an airplane!

An airline worker is going viral with a painful video showing him stepping off a plane — just to plummet several feet to the tarmac because the ladder had been moved.

A phone video showed the ground staff member appeared to be speaking with someone inside a Transnusa Airlines Airbus A320 ahead of its departure from Jakarta airport in Indonesia.

The worker appeared to have no idea that his colleagues had just started moving the steps away when he suddenly steps out.

The ladder moving away and the man falling.
The man stepped off the plane – only to learn that the stepladder was already gone. Newsflash

He then plummets to the runway, sending several sheets of paper into the air as he fell.

A woman’s shouting was also heard as the man landed on his back on the concrete.

The man suffered several injuries, but none were life-threatening, according to local reports.

Authorities are investigating the incident, which appears to violate aviation rules for mobile ladders to remain in place until the plane doors are closed, the reports said.

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