Why ‘Will Trent’ & ‘The Rookie’ Won’t Air New Seasons Until 2025 (There’s Some Good News, Too!) | ABC, Television, The Rookie, Will Trent | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

The Rookie and Will Trent‘s new seasons are not airing on ABC until 2025. It was revealed a few weeks back that several ABC shows would be pushed from the Fall to have midseason debuts.

Now, we’re learning the reason why this decision was made, plus, there’s actually some good news about it, too!

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Craig Erwich, president, Disney Television Group, told TV Line, “The Rookie and Will Trent are two of the cornerstones of our schedule. The Rookie is an amazing story, where at this point in its life cycle [six seasons in] it continues to grow. We see not just the current season but past seasons drive a tremendous amount of viewing on Hulu.

“And Will Trent is probably one of the bigger breakout dramas of the last two years. It felt like the best way to platform those shows for success was to launch them in January, when we have this huge promotional platform in New Years Rockin’ Eve as well as college sports and Christmas programming, and also to give these shows an uninterrupted run.”

Yes, you read that right. They will both run straight through with no reruns in their entire season-long runs!

Craig continued, “They’re going to go straight through and that kind of momentum of original episodes week-in and week-out is just a very powerful engine for both of these shows.”

TV Line reports that they hear it will be 18-episode seasons for both shows.

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