Who Will Win Love Island USA 2024 –

Who Will Win Love Island USA 2024

With season 6 of Love Island USA nearing its finale, we break down who is likely to win Love Island USA 2024. Some of the strongest couples in the villa prior to Casa Amor were Kaylor and Aaron, and Serena and Kordell. But as we all saw the Casa drama unfold, the two strongest couples were put in jeopardy. At the start of last nights episode July 9, Kaylor and Aaron made up after exchanging ‘I Love You’. Serena and Kordell are also back on track after a mature conversation. But does Movie Night change everything?

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Love Island Movie Night season 6

Love Island USA Movie Night Season 6

Spoiler alert: Movie Night shakes up the Love Island Villa on the July 9 episode of Love Island USA. If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now.

So what Love Island USA couples survive Movie Night? More clips of Aaron were showed with Daniela that left Kaylor reeling. The clips showed Aaron kissing Daniela, asking her to go to the shower then taking it back, and doing his Kaylor handshake with Daniela. Kaylor was crying and all of the girls were in shock watching the clips of Aaron. Aaron apologizes but it seems like it may be too little too late.

Another clip showed Serena seemingly wanting to friend zone Kordell. While, a clip of Kordell showed him dry humping Daia during a challenge. Another clip shows Leah making fun of Rob for crying after they broke up to a very cringe reaction from the guys and some of the girls. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Movie Night to be continued on Thursday’s episode. In the preview, more clips of Aaron are shown during Movie Night that result in Kaylor crying and Aaron getting up, walking away and throwing his mic pack on the ground. Turn in Thursday July 11 for more of Love Island USA and to see how Movie Night will unfold.

Who Will Win Love Island USA 2024

Will Kendall and Nicole Win Love Island USA 2024

Some chatter online has been pointing to Kendall and Nicole possibly winning Love Island USA, but was it all part of Kendall’s game plan? If there was one guy that was encouraging the male counterparts of the strongest couples to explore other connections in Casa it was Kendall. Kendall was egging Aaron on and excited when he saw him kissing Daniella in Casa. Kendall was also repeatedly encouraging Kordell to pursue Daia instead of Serena. So was Kendall being a good friend to the guys? Or was this all part of his master plan to break up the strongest couples to win with Niccole?

Did Kendall Sabotage the Strongest Couples on Love Island

If you recall, while Kendall was encouraging his guy friends, he himself was sitting back and watching the drama unfold. Kendall was in Casa without jeopardizing his relationship with Nicole. In the Movie Night episode, clips showed Kendall pumping up Aaron and Kordell to keep doing more with the Casa girls. It resulted in Serena calling him Messy and Nicole looking disappointed. Only time will tell what Kendall’s true intentions with his guy friends were. As of now it seems that Kendall and Nicole are the strongest couple as they received the coveted alone time in the Hideaway on last nights episode.

Love Island USA Season Finale

With Casa Amor and movie night done and recouplings taking place this week, the Love Island USA season Finale is just around the corner. Peacock is also flying Barstool Chicks in the Office Podcast hosts Ria and Fran to Fiji next week for the finale. So the Love Island season 6 finale should take place by the end of next week. Likely by July 19th. Watch Love Island on Peacock or CRAVE in Canada.

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