Who is Sir Keir Starmer new UK Prime Minister, biography, age, family, wife, children, education and net worth

Have a look at the family, parents, wife, children and net worth of Keir Starmer

During the last days of the election campaign, Keir Starmer prayed “namaste” with folded palms at the well-known Hindu temple in London, Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury.

The Labour Party has recorded one of its biggest triumphs in the UK elections, handily defeating the Conservative Party, as was largely anticipated. A few years prior, nobody could have predicted this seismic result. Nonetheless, everyone is praising Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who will take over as the country’s next prime minister, for turning the party’s fortunes around.

Who is Sir Keir Starmer new UK Prime Minister, biography, age, family, parents, wife, children, education and net worth

61-year-old Keir Starmer was raised in Surrey after being born in London on 2 September 1962. At the age of sixteen, he joined the Labour Party little Socialists, having been politically involved since he was a little boy. He earned a postgraduate Bachelor of Civil Law degree at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, in 1986 after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Leeds in 1985.

He was the second of four children born to toolmaker Rodney Starmer and nurse Josephine Still’s condition affected his mother. He was supposedly named after the first parliamentary leader of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie, by his Labour Party-supporting parents.

Lady Victoria Starmer is the spouse of Keir Starmer and the two got married in 2007. She maintains a low profile and has never participated in an interview, in contrast to several of the spouses of other political personalities.

Like her husband, Lady Victoria had legal training, and their paths crossed at work. She currently works in occupational health for the NHS, providing her with insight into the challenges faced by healthcare staff. The couple has two children and lives in Camden, in Keir Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency

Keir Starmer career

Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is a well-known British politician and barrister who has led the Labour Party since 2020. He was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions in 2008 and Leader of the Opposition in 2020–2024. He has represented Holborn and St. Pancras as a Member of Parliament (MP) since 2015. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Starmer will take over from Rishi Sunak if the Labour Party wins the general election in 2024.

In the general election of 2015, Starmer was elected to the House of Commons. In the 2016 European Union membership referendum, he backed the failed Britain Stronger in Europe campaign as a backbencher.

Jeremy Corbyn named him as the Shadow Minister for Immigration; however he left the position in June 2016 along with the rest of the shadow cabinet to oppose Corbyn’s leadership.

That year, Starmer accepted a new position under Corbyn as Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, where he promoted the idea of holding a second Brexit referendum. After Corbyn resigned from his position as party leader following Labour’s defeat in the 2019 general election, Starmer became victorious in the 2020 leadership contest on a left-wing platform.

Starmer has moved the Labour Party to the center of politics after taking over as leader. He has emphasized how critical it is to eradicate antisemitism from the party, a contentious topic under Corbyn’s leadership. While his detractors have charged him with treating leftist Labour members unfairly, his supporters have applauded him for his antisemitism reforms and for helping to restore Labour’s credibility with the people following the previous leadership.

Keir Starmer’s net worth

Keir Starmer is estimated to have a net worth close to 7.7 million pounds however it could rise to between £10m and £15m when taking his other revenue streams into account and the land he has held since 1996.

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