Who is Lady Victoria Starmer wife of UK PM Sir Keir Starmer, biography, age, family, children, education, religion and net worth

Have a look at the bio, age, family, education and net worth of Victoria Starmer

After Labour’s historic election triumph in 2024, Lady Victoria Starmer and her husband Sir Keir will shortly move into No. 10 Downing Street.

The UK is expected to appoint Sir Keir Starmer, a candidate from the Labour Party, as its new prime minister following the much-awaited outcome of the general elections in 2024. Together with her wife, Victoria Starmer, Starmer will become the nation’s future leader if he receives the requisite 326 seats.

Who is Lady Victoria Starmer wife of UK PM Sir Keir Starmer, biography, age, family, parents, children, education, religion and net worth

Age 49 Victoria Alexander Starmer was born in London in 1974, and she grew up in the Northwest neighbourhood of Gospel Oak. Her father is a practicing Jew who teaches economics. Her family immigrated to the UK before World War II, and she was born into a Polish-Jewish household.

Her mother was a village doctor who became a Christian and passed away in 2020.

After receiving her education at London’s Channing School in Highgate, she went on to get degrees in sociology and law from Cardiff University, where she also served as the student union president from 1995 to 1996.

When Victoria initially spoke with then-senior barrister Keir Starmer of Doughty Street Chambers in the early 2000s, she is said to have exclaimed, “Who the f*ck does he think he is?” After growing close, the couple got married on May 6, 2007, at the Fennes Estate in Essex.

They were engaged in 2004. One boy was born a year after the couple’s wedding, and another daughter was born two years later. Both are being raised according to their mother’s Jewish faith.

Starmer abstains from meat. Until the age of ten, she and her spouse reared their children as vegetarians; after that, they were given the choice to consume meat.

Victoria Starmer career

Four years after graduation, Victoria Starmer obtained her solicitor’s degree and began working for the Soho law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, which specialised in street crime. She has worked in NHS occupational health after getting married. It is rumoured that she will stay in her position even if her husband is chosen as prime minister.

Victoria Starmer’s net worth

Victoria Starmer’s net worth isn’t known but her husband is worth 7.7 million pounds

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