Who is Dilip Rao Khedkar father of IAS Pooja (Puja) Khedkar of Pune, biography, age, family, wife, party and net worth

Dilip Rao Khedkar is the father of IAS Pooja Khedkar who is a trainee collector from Pune currently embroiled in controversy, find out more about him below and his net worth

Pooja Khedkar has recently been making headlines due to her controversial behaviour of making illegal demands during her probation period.

Who is Dilip Rao Khedkar father of IAS officer Pooja (Puja) Khedkar of Pune, biography, age, family, wife, party and net worth

Interestingly, the Khedkar family is not new to controversy, Pooja’s father Dilip has also previously faced serious accusations.

Diliprao Khedkar bio

Diliprao Khedkar is a native of Bhalgaon village in Pathardi taluka, of Ahmednagar district. She is the father of IAS Pooja Khedkar who is currently in the middle of a controversy.

Party: Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi
S/o|D/o|W/o: Shree Kondiba Dada Khedkar
Age: 58


Diliprao Khedkar graduated with a BE degree in Mechanical.

Category: Graduate Professional
DM E-Official Tantra Niketan Jalgaon In The Year 1984, B.A From Fergusson College, Pune In The Year 1990, B.E (Mechanical) From Kohinoor Engineering College Pune In The Year 2005

Wife and children

Diliprao Khedkar is married to his wife Manorama Khedkar, who was a former public appointed sarpanch of Bhalgaon. Manorama’s father Jagannath Budhwant was also a former chartered officer who had a controversial career after getting suspended. The couple share two children together, Piyush Khedkar and Dr. Dilip Khedkar. Piyush Khedkar is currently studying in London while Pooja Khedkar is an IAS officer of the 2023 batch.

Profession and career

Diliprao Khedkar is a former chartered officer who later tried out his career in politics. During the recent Lok Sabha elections 2024, he contested from Ahmednagar constituency from Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi. He received a total of 13,749 votes.

Net worth

According to his affidavit Diliprao Khedkar has an estimated net worth of over Rs 40 crores but some reports claim it is well over Rs.100 crore. He has declared Rs.48 lakhs as agricultural income.

He has claimed Rs 40.5 crore with Rs 1.7 crore in movable assets and Rs 38.8 crore in immovable assets.

Pooja is said to have 6 plots and 7 flats. Additionally, she possesses 900 grams of gold and diamonds and owns a gold watch worth Rs 17 lakh, 4 luxury cars, and property worth Rs 17 crore. She is also in partnerships with two companies.

IAS Pooja Khedkar controversy

Pooja Khedkar, who is a trainee IAS officer of the 2023 batch of Maharashtra cadre is currently embroiled in controversy. Pooja found herself in trouble after making extra demands, following which she got transferred from Pune to Washim. According to a new report, Pooja Khedkar reportedly appeared in the UPSC examination after submitting a fake certificate citing that she is visually impaired and mentally ill.

As a result, she became an IAS officer on special concessions. Moreover, Pooja Khedkar was supposed to undergo a medical examination but she avoided it and refused to take medical tests on six occasions. Pune Collector Suhas Diwase also filed a complaint against Pooja after she started making various demands that were not entitled to her post as a trainee.

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