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UK Prison Guard Video is going viral. HOLR breaks down why.

July 5, 2024– A viral video allegedly showing an inmate having sex with a prisoner officer in jail in the UK has gone viral online on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

HOLR will not be linking to the alleged video.

UK Prison Guard Full Video

As noted in this article, there is a plot twist to this viral incident. The inmate in question- who was incarcerated after committing a heist of over $82,000 — reportedly has a partner at home who is seven months pregnant.

Allegedly, his partner has been hospitalized for stress over the incident and subsequent video. There were also fears that the stress could cause premature labour.

UK Prison Guard Video Twitter

The inmate is named Linton Weirich, and he was supposedly booked in HMP Wandsworth in April for stealing over $82,000 worth of goods from a Kensington flat back in 2022 (jewelry, handbags, laptop, etc. allegedly among goods stolen). The DailyMail previously reported that the inmate was filmed on a cellphone allegedly having sex with Linda De Sousa Abreu, who is a former prison officer.

Allegedly, Linda De Sousa Abreu has a child.

What do you think about the viral claims?

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Image Credit: Linda De Sousa Abreu / Instagram, Unsplash (not actual photo of jail mentioned in article)

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