Voice actor Sean Chiplock controversy drama explained as he’s accused of grooming trans boy Casper

American voice actor Sean Chiplock, best known for voicing Revali in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is facing resurfaced grooming accusations with his controversy involving Casper now viral

For the unversed, X/Twitter user @awryval alleged that Chiplock had a virtual interaction with her friend Casper, who was a 15-year-old trans boy at the time.

The X user shared several screenshots on Jul 2, which purportedly included Casper’s journals detailing the incident and some chat receipts.

As per the claims made by the platform user @awryval, Casper is no longer on the internet, which is why she came forward to share her friend’s story on his behalf. The chat logs, as shown in the screenshots, date back to 2013.

Voice actor Sean Chiplock controversy drama explained as he’s accused of grooming trans boy Casper on Twitter/X and Reddit

Chiplock has been accused of sending messages to a 14-year-old multiple times over the past few years. He has consistently denied these allegations.

In response to @awryval’s tweets reiterating the grooming accusations, Sean Chiplock stated, “Every year, I am forced to revisit this (and the person who began it all), laying out Every detail, because my literal career is on the line.”

Though, following Chiplock’s denial of the allegations, an X account named Casper quote-tweeted @awryval’s thread, suggesting that he was the person in question. Furthermore he confirmed the allegations against the 34-year-old voice actor.

What Did Casper Say?

While sharing the threads of @awryval, Casper wrote that “I’m the Casper in these logs. I’m choosing to come forward to add credibility to these allegations and to say that I stand by the claims made in my original journal written in 2014.”

What Exactly Happened?

As per the claims made by the X user @awryval, the American voice actor and Casper, who was 15-year-old at the time, first began exchanging word on a website called FurAffinity.

For the unfamiliar, it’s an online community to promote art, music, stories and commissions. The two had conversation on the platform regarding issues they had with an artist they commissioned.

Sean Chiplock (Diluc VA) admits the allegations are true by choice of words.
by inDilucMains

After their brief conversation on the online community, the voice actor send a Skype request to Casper. The voice behind Spider-Man from Marvel’s Avengers sent the friend request with an inappropriate text.

As per Casper that text made him “uncomfortable,” although he didn’t responded to that thinking it could a joke. However, he asserted that after that incident, Chiplock’s behavior got more unusual.

Casper reportedly claims that within hours of sending friend request, the voice actor sent a voice recording of him making “l*wd noises.”

Additionally, he claims that it didn’t stop there as the actor started inquiring about his s*xual orientation alongside some indecent questions about his gender identity and intimate activities.

It made Casper ending the conversation. Moreover, he claimed that he had deleted the audio file or else he would think of taking legal route.

What Did Chiplock Say?

In response to these allegations, the voice actor, who is widely recognized for voicing Japanese anime release a statement on X saying he “refuse,” to entertain these “long outdated,” accusations that generates from a group.

Moreover, he remarks that these accusations came from the community where “a literal groomer continues to manipulate and harass their victims.”

He furthermore asserted that the alleged victim is a “vindictive,” and “toxic,” while remarking that he is now facing the repercussions for associating with him.

Did Sean Chiplock Apologize?

Though Sean Chiplock initially refuted all the claims and allegations, however, after Casper confirmed the accusations, the actor reportedly directly addressed him in a separate tweet, wanting to apologize for his behavior.

However, Casper while sharing the tweet asserts that he simply doesn’t wish to continue with the thread anymore as it brought up his past trauma.

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