This traveler lives in a 100-square-foot unit with no window

In a glimpse into minimalist living, so to speak, one adventurous soul is giving the world a tour of what it’s like to dwell in a space barely larger than a parking spot. That said, it’s the shortest tour anyone could ever experience.

Meet Ryan, a globetrotter currently calling a snug 100-square-foot apartment in South Korea his home.

It’s not the mere size that’s unusual, or even the cost at roughly $120 per week. It’s also that this pad doesn’t come with the luxury of a window.

Ryan, known as @nomadicallyryan on TikTok, recently shared a peek into his micro-living quarters, which sent the internet into a frenzy.

The bathroom is divided by a single see-through glass.
The bathroom is divided by a single see-through panel of glass. nomadicallyryan/Tiktok

With a single bed tucked in one corner, and a bathroom crammed in the other, this space certainly redefines cozy living.

But here’s the kicker — the bathroom and bedroom are separated by a flimsy sheet of glass, meaning there’s zero privacy if Ryan ever decides to host a guest.

And speaking of the bathroom, it’s a tight squeeze.

Want to wash your hands? Forget about it if you’re planning to take a shower because there’s only room for one activity at a time.

“You can either wash your hands or shower, you can’t do both”, he said.

Another feature that catches eyes is a very, very small window, or what appears to be one.

That tiny window? It looks into the hallway of the apartment building, offering nothing in the way of natural light.

The home is only 100 square feet.
The home is only 100 square feet. nomadicallyryan/Tiktok

But fear not, oxygen enthusiasts, because attached to the ceiling is an air vent to keep Ryan breathing easy, even in the tiniest of spaces.

In terns of storage, and in what can only be described as a magician’s act, Ryan reveals a “walk-in wardrobe” that’s barely big enough to fit a few shirts. There’s even a mini-fridge hidden beneath.

Now, you might be wondering why anyone would willingly choose to live in what feels like a glorified shoebox. Well, according to Ryan, it’s all about the savings, which is crucial while traveling abroad.

“I think for $120 with an entire apartment to myself with a bathroom and a shower, it’s not that bad,” he added.

And while some might scoff at the idea of living in such close quarters, Ryan sees it as a small price to pay for having his own space, bathroom included.

Ryan’s video tour has gone viral, racking up more than 1.2 million views and leaving TikTok users in awe.

Some can’t believe it’s legal, while others are itching to cozy up in such a snug space. But for those who need a little more breathing room, Ryan’s micro-living might just be the stuff of nightmares.

“No sunlight, no outside view. I would go into deep depression,” one viewer wrote.

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