This is the cheapest week to book a summer trip, experts say

It’s a plane bargain.

New analytical data has found the best week of the summer to travel for the cheapest cost.

As airlines prepare for a massive volume of flyers in the months to come, researchers at report that families of four can save up to $1,064 simply by traveling during that seven day stretch as opposed to other times of the summer.

It’s something that only 4% of travelers are actually taking advantage of, according to the site.

The most cost-efficient week to take a trip this summer is August 19th with a few give-or-take days for certain destinations, per Skyscanner.

Round trips from Chicago to Barcelona, Spain can start at $1,236 in June, but the week of August 19th they are averagely priced at $733. Los Angeles to London, England is close to $1,000 consistently throughout the summer, but that same week the average cost is cheaper at $724.

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A trip from NYC to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic can be close to $1,000 during the warm weather months, but travelers who go on the week of August 26 can enjoy average prices of $524.

The most expensive from the data is a flight from San Francisco to Dublin, Ireland — close to $2,000 on many days in the coming weeks.

However, between August 3 through 9 it can cost an average of $933.

Meanwhile, Skyscanner noted that the first week of July is the most popular time for Americans to travel ahead of Independence Day.

A trip from New York City to Punta Cana is cheap towards the end of August. ValentinValkov –

However, that comes at a 29% price hike compared to the week of August 19.

The second most expensive week to fly this summer is June 17.

However, if the end of August is inopportune — as it is for many families readying for back to school plus the end of summer — Skyscanner also flagged a few destinations enjoying price drops consistently over the coming season.

Split, Croatia is seeing cheaper travel costs this summer. Marko KlariÃâ¡/Wirestock –

Split, Croatia is seeing a 24% drop off as is Zurich, Switzerland. Also in Croatia, Dubrovnik is enjoying a similar, 22% price reduction.

Meanwhile two nations to the east, flights to Bucharest, Romania are also down 22%.

In The Bahamas, Nassau — which has been given a travel warning over murders and gang violence — has a 23% dip in flight costs.

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