The Biden border ‘crackdown’ has already failed as illegals flood across

Joe Biden’s BS border move has already failed. 

Thursday saw some 10,000 migrants in Border Patrol custody, four times the limit at which our president said he would stop processing the phony asylum claims used by illegals.

Meanwhile, video taken by The Post shows hundreds of migrants from mainly China and Turkey still crossing the border unhindered into California, then rounded up by Border Patrol on Thursday.

Other video shows much the same in rural Texas on Wednesday, after Biden’s “crackdown” supposedly took effect.

Sure looks like it’s had no effect..

Some 4,000, way over the limit, were apprehended on Wednesday. And the inflows just keep coming.  

Customs and Border Protection processing centers in San Diego — the top illegal crossing area — have been stuffed to the gills and beyond recently, at 237% capacity. 

Like everything else Biden’s done on the border, this policy is a joke. 

Wave-Them-In Joe came into office and immediately wrecked the safeguards his predecessor Donald Trump had put in place to keep illegal immigrants out. 

That brought record-smashing levels of illegal immigration month after month, year after year, eagerly aided and abetted by the Biden team, which has also created multiple new “pathways” for illegals to get waved through and instantly be eligible for work papers.

Want to jump the line to enter the United States on a transparently bogus claim of asylym? There’s an app for that! 

Even with the border disaster killing him at the polls, Biden remained utterly intransigent on the issue, blaming everyone but himself. 

Finally came last week’s “crackdown,” though even if it was working as advertised, it would still admit 1.8 million illegals per year. 

Plus a massive carveout exempting all those whose home countries — like China and Venezuela — won’t accept them back. 

Over 150,000 people from those two nations alone have jumped the border so far this year. 

So to recap: Biden’s latest “crackdown” is a total fake, and even if were real would still be nearly as disastrous as his three-plus years of inviting millions to break the law and cross, then releasing them into the US with no supervision. 

If this is the best he can do to end the chaos he created, he deserves everything that’s coming to him in November. 

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