Terrified of ‘escalation,’ Biden is being bluffed into losing Ukraine to Putin

‘History is watching. The failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will not be forgotten,” President Biden said on the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Now is the time to prove that the United States stands up for freedom and bows down to no one.”

Strong words.

Too bad they are nothing more.

Time and again, Biden has bowed down to Vladimir Putin, allowing the tyrant to dictate the terms of this unlawful, immoral invasion.

Nowhere is this more true than the disgraceful limitations on Ukraine’s strategy.

Biden has told President Volodymyr Zelensky that US weapons can’t be used to attack targets in Russian territory, with some minor exceptions.

And so Russia rains down missiles and drones on Ukraine civilians from its own territory, and Ukraine is told it can’t strike back.

Russia’s forces aren’t out of reach of Ukraine’s armaments.

They are only kept safe because of Biden’s terms.

Putin thunders that if Biden or NATO allows otherwise, that there will be dark consequences.

Russian television plays fantasies of nuclear war.

But Biden must not be cowed by this propaganda.

Russia faces far more risks that we do from escalation, and China does not want its ally to start World War III.

Do not let Putin bluster his way through barbarism.

Putin, a classic bully, has always pushed and pushed until he meets resistance.

There is no way he would do anything — like set off nuclear weapons — that would end his ultimate goal, which is staying in power.

Europe is prepared to call his bluff.

Why won’t Biden and his weak advisers do the same?

The status quo is brutal and cruel.

It gives Ukraine just enough to fend off Russia’s incursions but not enough to reverse Putin’s advancements.

This summer has so far been a stalemate, thousands dead over every foot of land.

History is watching.

And allowing Ukraine to strike air bases and military targets inside Russian territory is the only way to ensure its victory, or at least be able to negotiate a peace from a position of strength.

China, Iran and North Korea are all watching how Biden has handled both Ukraine and Israel and taken away a lesson: There are limits to America’s power.

We aren’t willing as a country to do what it takes to stand up for the free world in the face of rising fascism.

We aren’t showing restraint, we’re showing weakness.

And if our strategy doesn’t change, it will be the end of Pax Americana.

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