TapSwap Secret Cinema Code and all codes list for today July 11, 2024 and how to watch video

Check out the daily cinema code of TapSwap for July 11, 2024 as the mini crypto game of Telegram is making waves across social media platforms especially on X/Twitter

For the unfamiliar, amidst the Hamster Kombat’s buzz, a new viral internet sensation, TapSwap has gained momentum. It a Telegram-based pioneering crypto mini-games.

This game is pretty easy and fun to play as it utilizes a tap-to-earn model that allows its players to accumulate cryptocurrency simply by touching the screen.

Due to the simplicity and easy to play mechanics, the platform has acquired more than 50 million players worldwide.

TapSwap Secret Cinema Code and all codes list for today July 11 and how to watch video

Secret Code for July 11

Earlier, today, the telegram based game has dropped a series of Tasks for its players to earn 200,000 coins. Here’s how users can claim today’s i.e, July 11’s secret codes:

To claim the TapSwap secret codes for July 11, users need answers a few questions after opening the Telegram and accessing the Task section. These questions include:

Question: How to Earn Money on Crypto
Answer: Genesis
Question: Tapswap Education – What is Bitcoin?
Answer: D57U94
Question: Learn 5 Crypto Terms
Answer: 2614907
Question: New in the Crypto World
Answer: 739551
Question: Watch the First Token Video
Answer: Just watch the video
Question: Learn What TON Is
Answer: 548719
Question: Watch New Video
Answer: 5
Question: Watch the First Video
Answer: 739002
Question: TapSwap Cinema Video
Question: Cryptocurrency Worldwide News
Answer: 3PM71AK03X

How to Maximize Rewards

Players can maximize their rewards by following these simple steps such as:

By checking in the TapSwap daily for new secret codes
By completing all the necessary tasks
By inviting friends to join the game

How to Play TapSwap

For those who are new to the game and aren’t aware how to play TapSwap, they just need to remember these few simple steps:

Firstly download the Telegram app from the Play Store. After successfully downloading it, open the app and create an account. Followed by it, search the TapSwap in the search bar.

After opening the TapSwap, click the ‘Start’ button to begin the game but before that remember to connect your crypto to wallet to the bot.

Following this, Tap on the digital icon displayed by the bot. Each tap earns you a certain amount of TAPS, depending on your tapping power and upgrades.

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