Take a look at Animal Well’s performance and the review.

The article on the Animal Well Reddit and the performance of Animal Well, along with the review.  Bigmode published the Metroidvania video game Animal Well, which Shared Memory created. In this game the player takes control of a blob and navigates an animal filled maze. 

On May 9, 2024 it was released for the PlayStation 5 and Windows, and Nintendo Switch. People Worldwide were waiting for the release. 

The main themes of Animal Well Reddit are discovery and problem-solving. The platforming features allow it to move through the well. The game’s map is a little small, but the creator says it aspires to be considerably denser.

Animal Well Reddit: About the Progress of Nimal Well.

 2017 was the beginning of Animal Well’s development. Billy Basso, the only creator of the game, created a unique engine for it. To give the 2D imagery in the game a sense of depth. It is produced in multiple layers utilizing a variety of lighting techniques, fluid simulation, and particle effects. 

Furthermore, the engine’s extremely low delay enables accurate platforming. YouTuber video game Dunkey declared in January 2023 that his independent game publisher, Bigmode, would release Animal Well as its debut title.

Animal Well scored 91 on Metacritic after receiving “universal praise” from reviewers upon its premiere. Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp of Destructoid gave Animal Well a perfect score. He complimented it on its vast content and abundance of mysteries. 

Saying that it is “stuffed with more activities to do and surprises to find than the majority of other games.” The game’s deep exploration was praised by Christian Donlan of Eurogamer, who described it as “an amazingly rich Metroidvania.”

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Animal Well Reddit: Details on Animal Well.

Details on Animal Well

Details on Animal Well

 Developer(s) Shared Memory
Publisher(s) Bigmode
Programmer(s) Billy Basso
Platform(s) Windows
PlayStation 5
Nintendo Switch
Release May 9, 2024
Genre(s) Metroidvania, puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Animal Well Review.

With a score of 90, GameSpot’s Richard Wakeling praised the game for its original spin on classic objects, striking visuals, and neon-filled setting, pointing out that although it “might look outdated and recognizable at first glance, this well is vast and unexpected.” 

PC Gamer’s Shaun Prescott rated it a 90, describing it as “a sleep-destroying riddle Metroidvania of perplexing richness.” Animal Well Reddit received a score of 9/10 from Rebekah Valentine of IGN, who called it “a beautiful, multi-layered mystery box that’s enjoyable for playing around with, and an absolute joy to crack open gradually.”

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic (PC) 91/100
(PS5) 86/100
(Switch) 90/100
OpenCritic 100% recommend

Animal Well Metacritic: What people react to Animal Well.

One of the more intriguing independent games to be launched in 2024 thus far is Animal Well. It takes a famous formula, Metroidvania, and turns it into a fresh concept. Transporting us to a less-travelled area full of surprises and mysteries.  The other person stated, “Animal Well is a mind-bogglingly deep puzzle-metroidvania that will undoubtedly become a classic in its genre.”

Animal Well Switch Performance


  • A Metroidvania without a vital fighting element takes pleasure in giving the player no explanations. 
  • The abundance of secrets and clever puzzles offset the lack of fighting. 
  • The striking, haunting visual design has a definite purpose in the creation of the game.


  • Sometimes, boss battles are irritating spikes in difficulty. 
  • It is not possible to adjust the annoying sound effects for people who are sensitive to them.

Instead of giving you a long text crawl or an explanation of your location, ANIMAL WELL plops you down in the centre of its name, well, a vast, gloomy cave. Your main goal is to identify four flames that are scattered throughout the globe. 

Even though there are many unanswered questions, both literally and symbolically, all you have to do to move forward is jump. But you’ll also need to solve riddles, locate pathways, and push switches to unlock doors and locks. Meanwhile, the feral residents of the well and its depths are hidden in darkness.


Animal Well was released on May 9, 2024. People can have fun and can solve clever puzzles. It has plenty of secrets to learn and proceed with further. Go through the link provided to get further details on Animal Well online.

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