Stunning ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Report Suggests Vanna White Feels “Forced” Chemistry With New Co-Host Ryan Seacrest — And May Even Quit Early

As a new era of Wheel of Fortune approaches with Ryan Seacrest taking over for Pat Sajak, another report suggests that Vanna White is considering exiting the famed game show.

Sources claimed to that White is “feeling like a third wheel” since Seacrest came onboard, and that while White allegedly had “the thought that maybe she could become more integral to the show” following Sajak’s departure, Season 42 production, which kicked off in late May, has not been smooth sailing.

While “Vanna has tried to give Ryan advice and show him the ropes,” a source described Seacrest as “a control freak,” who allegedly “finally told her he’s doing things his way and he’s not trying to be Pat Sajak.”

“So Vanna is again relegated to the background, but now it’s not with Pat, someone she knows and loves, but a new guy, Ryan,” they claimed. “It’s not that she doesn’t like Ryan, but her chemistry with Pat was just much more natural. With Ryan, it feels forced and she doesn’t want that to come across to loyal viewers — and producers fear the audience will notice it as well.”

These remarks defy Seacrest’s past public comments, as he told People in September 2023, “With this game show it’s such a success and has been for generations.”

“You don’t mess with it, just don’t mess with it,” he continued. “Just get out of the way, say ‘Good evening’ and let’s play.’”

He also has previously praised White, telling E! News in December 2023 that “she’s an icon.”

Nonetheless, the source told Radar that if White were to exit, “all hell will break loose,” and that “the brass would consider letting [Seacrest] go before they allow Vanna to walk out the door,” despite his “multi-year contract,” as “they know fans tune in to see Vanna even more than the host.”

Decider reached out to Seacrest’s publicists and White’s talent agency for comment.

This news arrives on the heels of a report from The Daily Mail, which claimed that White has found it “difficult” to continue without Sajak and “just doesn’t jibe with Ryan like she did with Pat.”

Meanwhile, White extended her contract for another two years back in September.

Season 42 of Wheel of Fortune is slated to air this fall.

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