SosMula Impersonates A Maniacal Villain On “SLEEZY BASTARD (SLASHER PT. 1)”

SosMula possesses maybe the most unique mic presence in the world of hip-hop. His raspy and high pitch cadence closely resembles that of a cartoon villain. That is not really a slight, as it perfectly matches the subgenre of rap that he has been thriving in for the last several years. His roots in the horrorcore/metal trap run deep, as most of his career has centered around the work he has with ZillaKami. This seemingly inseparable pairing unfortunately felt it was time to go solo after dropping their 2023 tape, My Bloody America. But things are still looking good for SosMula, as he now has another single out called “SLEEZY BASTARD (SLASHER PT. 1)”.

Interestingly, the Brazilian-American rapper put out the second entry in this two-track series first a few weeks ago. This looks to be the second single for SLEEZE RELIGION, his first solo album since 2 HIGH 2 DIE in 2022. While SosMula does do a great job of being entertaining and animated on “SLEEZY BASTARD”, we cannot help but notice the flows which are similar to 6ix9ine’s on “GUMMO”. Verse number two is definitely where we hear it the most but let us know what you think. As of now, there is no official release date for this project, but Genius predicts it will drop in July.

One phone call, put you on a white platter
Runnin’ through walls, uh, Sleezy like Casper (Ewok, Ewok)
If you with your girl, uh, Sleezy might blast her (Doo-doo-doo-doo)
Kill you right after (Doo-doo-doo-doo), hit the light hazards (Vyoom, vyoom)
Get your life splattered (Rrah, rrah)
With them knife daggers (Rrah, rrah)

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