Sofia Vergara AI Faces Photo Exposed –

Did Sofia Vergara upload a photo with AI enhancements? Fans think so.

July 7, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @leaheyva, there seems to be something very strange going on in a photo Sofia Vergara posted on Instagram back in March that has just resurfaced.


I 100% believe this is AI. My question is, why is it needed for live broadcast with a normally full crowd? And why is AI so inherently horror coded? I did not edit or enhance these photos in any way, other than cropping in for a closer look. This is still up on her page as of now. Go look, March 16th 2024 #ai #makeitmmakesense #conspiracy #why #sofiavergara #scary #explainthis #creepy #conspirecytheories

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As noted by the TikTok user, it seems as though the audience members in the photo behind Vergara have warped faces- and with no explanation why this is so.

Some commenters on TikTok had theories about the faces in the viral photo, which was posted to Vergara’s Instagram here. People in the comment section of her IG were shocked to see the faces of the people in the background.

As you can see by the comments on the TikTok video, people are alleging that since Vergara was likely advertising something in the caption of her post, she had to blur people’s faces in the background to avoid being sued. Others thought that this was definitely AI because this can happen if AI adds people in the background of a photo. Another user claimed that celebs will face mix people to avoid them being sued for usage rights.

Although we don’t know the exact reason why, what do you think about these alleged claims an theories involving this viral photo?

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Image Credit: @leaheyva TikTok, @sofiavergara Instagram 

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