‘Snowball Kiss’ meaning and definition explained as meme goes viral on TikTok

Have a look at the meaning of snowball kiss as the trend goes viral on TikTok

TikTok is surely a home for bizarre things to go viral. From memes to viral hacks to quizzes to weird dance movies to lip sync videos, you just name it and the short video-sharing platform will show it you!

The latest bizarre thing that is making waves on the platform is surely not your daily meme which you can share! What, got confused, well worry not, here’s your daily dose of TikTok’s bizarre viral trend.

‘Snowball Kiss’ meaning and definition explained as meme goes viral on TikTok and Twitter/X

If you’ve spent enough time on the internet, you’ve likely encountered mysterious and sometimes indecipherable TikTok phrases.

From “interlinked” to “gooning,” these trends range from innocent and interesting to explicit and absurd, with this next one definitely falling on the latter end of the spectrum.

You’ve heard of kissing, and you may even be aware of the super gross “rainbow kiss,” but have you heard of “snowball kiss” yet? and if you haven’t, proceed with caution!!

So, what exactly is this “snowball kiss” that people keep talking about? Let’s delve into TikTok’s latest lingo.

About Snowball Kiss

If you search for “snowball kiss” on TikTok, you’ll find several videos using the term, and you might even see a few people showing their reactions before and after looking it up.

In the comments sections, you’ll find thousands of confused individuals seeking answers. So, what in the world is a “snowball kiss”? For an explanation, we turn to the infamous Urban Dictionary.

Meaning of Snowball Kiss

According to the site, a snowball kiss is when “a woman gives or*l s*x to her partner, he eja**ulates in her mouth, and she doesn’t swallow” the s*men.

She then kisses him, transferring the fluids to his mouth. With the ej**ulate in his mouth, he proceeds to perform or*l s*x on her until she finishes.

While that definition provides details, other definitions on Urban Dictionary and beyond simply state that a snowball kiss occurs when a man ej**ulates into his partner’s mouth and kisses them afterward.

It’s unclear why this s*xual concept has taken TikTok by storm, but there’s no denying that it has sparked curiosity and a bit of discomfort.

Social Media User’s Reaction

Social media users are busy urging others not to look up at the viral bizarre trend of TikTok as they feel isn’t worth looking to!

One such user penned, “I searched it up. Never again.”

In the comments of a video where a woman bragged about snowball kissing her partner, viewers were less than supportive. “No. Girl. Just no,” one person replied. Another commented that it was a total “ick.”

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