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Twitch streamer Sketch was reportedly involved in controversy recently following an alleged Onlyfans leak that went viral.

Sketch Twitch Streamer

July 11, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by @noahglenncarter, the massive NSFW leak that reportedly involved Twitch streamer Sketch- AKA Kylie Cox- has seemingly been confirmed by Sktech himself. This video leak seemingly went viral on social media platforms such as X, formerly known as Twitter.


Sketch just confirmed that it’s all real #sketch #foryou #streamer

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Sketch Drama

As the TikToker notes, before Sketch was famous, he had an OnlyFans (OF). Now, his alleged old OF content has been leaked in which Sketch has come forward to address the news. Sketch admitted to making this OF content that was leaked but has claimed that he is now a “changed man following the content being posted.

Sketch Leaks

This has been a controversial topic among his fan base, in which some don’t care about his past while others are not happy with the leaked content. As outlined in this related article, the OF content reportedly consisted of gay adult films, in which Sketch confirmed these allegations following the news coming out in a Twitch stream. Sketch claimed that the OF content was created during a “dark time” in his life.

Sketch OF

However, once the news came out about his OF, Sketch thanked some people in his life for helping him and supporting him through this news being leaked, as he was living with the “threat” of the footage coming out. “I’ll be honest, Plan A was, and I’ll say it candidly, probably call it quits if this ever came out,” said Sketch during the stream where he discussed the content. “But some people saved me. Shoutout [FaZe] Banks, shoutout my parents, shoutout y’all.” (noted here).

As the TikToker claimed in an updated video here, people online need to watch what they said because Sketch was going through a difficult time in the past and now more recently with the content being leaked. Thankfully, his family and friends supported him through the OF content coming out.

What do you think about Sketch owning up to the leaked content? 

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