Shakur Stevenson Intensifies Cam’ron Beef By Threatening To Drop A Song

Shakur Stevenson and Cam’ron are combative personalities. The thing is, they usually keep their beef to their respective areas of expertise. Stevenson trash talks other boxers, while Cam’ron makes fun of other rappers on record. Their disdain for one another has resulted in a beef that’s crossed mediums, however. Cam’ron claimed that he would “slap fire” out of the boxer if he ever saw him, and Shakur Stevenson decided to return the favor by saying that he would drop a song on the rapper.

The claim was made via Twitter on July 9. In order to make sense of it, though, we have to go through the entire interaction between Shakur Stevenson, Cam’ron, and Cam’s podcast partner, Mase. The latter two dissed Stevenson on their podcast, It Is What It Is. They claimed that he was a bad fighter, which led to a Twitter exchange in which Stevenson claimed he was “ready for war.” Cam chimed in, noting how easy it was to offend the boxer. “I see why they call you Shakur Twitterson,” the rapper joked. “My n**ga, four hours of tweeting about me and Mase is wild. You boring, n**ga! I thought I was rather polite about it.”

Shakur Stevenson Attacked Cam’ron And Mase On Twitter

Stevenson had more to say. He proceeded to lay into both rappers, and even make a crack about Mase’s relationship with Diddy. “Boys ain’t gone do sh*t bout it either,” he wrote. “[If] Cam’ron ever lift his hand up this way I’m putting him right out soft ass old n**ga. “Mase go get back on Diddy playing wit yo man hood f*ck boy.” It was the claim that followed that really caught the attention of fans, though. Stevenson decided that he was going to beat Cam and Mase at their own game. “I’m bout to get in the studio next week,” he tweeted. “I’m gone drop a Hit watch.”

To be clear, Shakur Stevenson has never released music. He tried to attack Mase from a musical standpoint, claiming the rapper had a “failed career.” This is where Cam was really able to lay into the boxer. “Mase was Michael Jackson after Michael Jackson, n**ga,” Cam’ron tweeted. “Before Drake. He sold five million in three weeks… Mase is one million percent a better rapper than you are a boxer!” If Shakur Stevenson lives up to his claim, however, fans will get out whether he can hold his own with Cam and Mase on wax.

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