‘Schumer, Pelosi, Obama’ Run the Country

Sen. Tommy Tuberville promoted a conspiracy theory that President Joe Biden is not in charge of the country. Instead, he claimed, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and former president Barack Obama — along with “the Deep State” — are calling the shots.

“We’ve all known Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama’s been running the country, along with [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken and [National Security Advisor Jake] Sullivan… They’ve all been making the decisions. Joe Biden hasn’t been making decisions… They’ve had total control, not the president,” the Utah senator told host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

Tuberville continued with his unhinged rant, claiming that Biden “the first two years may have had some say so in what’s going on, but he’s been out of it since after the first year in office.” He added that “you can tell” this by looking at the actions of Schumer and Pelosi the first two years of the Biden administration. “They were calling the shots,” he said before adding that “the Deep State has total control of this.”

Tuberville is the Republican senator who single-handedly held up hundreds of military promotions for months — even over the objectives of some of his GOP colleagues — because he disagreed with the Pentagon’s policy of paying for military members’ travel to obtain abortion care.

Tuberville is no stranger to unfounded conspiracy theories. The senator claimed in March that Democrats are part of a “satanic cult.”

“I’ve traveled all over the country — all 50 states — I’ve been in good places and bad places. The one thing I saw, we are losing our kids to a satanic cult,” he said.


Tuberville continued, “We’ve lost our moral values across the country. We’ve got to get back to the Constitution, and we have got to get back to the Bible. We’ve got to get God back in our country. There’s not one Democrat that can tell you they stand up for God.”

When a news story made it seem like Biden’s White House specifically did not allow religious-themed Easter egg designs at its annual contest — while neglecting to note that, according to the American Egg Board, which supports the event, the language barring religious symbols from the designs has been in place for decades — Tuberville doubled-down on his claims, tweeting that the Democrats “are a Satanic cult.”

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