Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy: Know More Details Here!

The article on Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy talks about the death of a child by doing a chip challenge. The news became viral in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and India.

After participating in a hot chip challenge last year. A 14-year-old Massachusetts boy passed away from a heart condition brought on by consuming an excessive amount of chilli pepper extract, according to officials. 

Harris Wolobah, a teenage boy from Worcester, passed away on September 1, 2023, following his consumption of the contentious Paqui tortilla chip, which was described as a “vengeful delight of extreme heat and pain” and powdered with two of the hottest peppers on earth. 

Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy.

Following the incident, the corporation promptly removed its product from distribution, with the teen’s family attributing his demise to the ” One Chip Challenge Death Reddit.”

According to an autopsy performed on Thursday, Wolobah died from cardiac arrest that occurred “in the context of previous ingestion of a food product with high capsaicin concentration.”

Chili peppers’ overpowering kick is partially attributed to capsaicin. The head of the Medical Doctor reported that Wolobah had a congenital abnormality and an enlarged heart.

About Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy

About Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy

Dr. Syed Haider, a doctor who practices at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, stated that excessive dosages of capsaicin may increase cardiac strain. He continued by saying that consuming very spicy food might cause heart problems in people even without underlying medical disorders.

We are still very sorry for Harris Wolobah’s passing and send our sympathies to his family and friends,” Paqui stated, as reported by the sources.

Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy: One Chip Challenge Death Reddit.

“Paqui’s One Chip Challenge was designed exclusively for adult use. Children, people who are allergic to spicy food, or those with underlying medical conditions should not consume this product.” The label was made evident and conspicuous.

 The cause of Wolobah’s death was established on February 27, according to a representative of the Massachusetts Executive Department of Internal Safety and Security. The certificate of death was given to the city clerk’s office in Worcester on March 5.

According to his mother, who spoke to the online news media. Instead, he passed unconscious and was taken to a hospital close by. Where he later passed away.

Reddit Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy

Reddit Paqui One Chip Challenge Death Autopsy

This is a portion of the One Chip Challenge, which went viral on social media. It measures how long someone can go without eating or drinking something else to relieve their hangover after consuming the Carolina Reaper-flavored chip.

Due to its extreme potency, customers were advised to “wash their hands with detergent and avoid touching the eyes or any sensitive areas” after consuming a Paqui chip. The manufacturer warned that the substance may also cause breathing difficulties, dizziness, or extended nausea in its compact, casket-shaped container.

Authorities cautioned parents not to give the chip to their children after Wolobah passed suddenly because it was meant solely for adult consumption. Yet teenagers continued to be able to obtain them, which resulted in more medical crises around the nation.

In 2022, seven teenagers in Minnesota received medical attention from paramedics after consuming the chip. Three high school students from California were admitted to the hospital.

In “a great deal of caution,” Paqui announced that it ended the One Chip Challenge after receiving more reports of teenagers. And other individuals who are easily offended by spicy cuisine are still trying the chip.


According to online sources, the sophomore at Doherty Memorial Secondary School ate the chip at school and immediately experienced a stomach ache after being picked up from school and taken home. He started to feel better and was even getting set to leave the house once more for a basketball tryout. Know more about the one-chip challenge online.

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