‘Only women would do this’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher lambasted the teammates of WNBA superstar Caitlin Clark after the controversial foul against her, chalking it up in part because “women are catty.”

Maher began by playing the viral clip of Clark being shoved to the ground by Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Carter, but quickly called attention to how an Indiana Fever teammate nearby didn’t rush to help her up.

Bill Maher called Caitlin Clark's teammates "catty" for not defending her.
Bill Maher called Caitlin Clark’s teammates “catty” for not defending her. Getty Images

“See if this was men, they’d defend each other on their same team,” Maher said Friday. “I mean, men will fight from two teams, but when somebody checks you on who’s on your team, you defend that guy. I’m just saying men have their bad parts. We’re toxic. We’re dogs. Only women would do this.”

“Women are catty,” Maher continued. “Even the ones on your own team.”

Maher went on to quote former NBA player Matt Barnes, who said “My issue and my question is, where the f–k are her teammates at?… I’ve seen a couple of girls smirk when she’s got knocked down, half-ass to pick her up… “You guys are supposed to be a family… It’s your guys’ f–king job to have her back, and to have each others’ backs.”

Author and journalist Abigail Shrier placed blame on the Indiana Fever’s coaching staff, arguing they need to tell their players they must defend Clark, especially since she’s a “superstar” who is bringing viewers to the WNBA, and threaten to bench them if they don’t. 

Maher said men would defend their teammate.
Maher said men would defend their teammate. Getty Images

“There’s also a racial element to this,” Maher said. “It’s not always racism when a White person succeeds.”

Reason Magazine editor-at-large Matt Welch gently countered by saying “It’s not always racism when Black people hip-check them either,” which Maher agreed. 

“It’s everything,” Maher said. “It’s women are catty, the league is very lesbian and she’s not, and there’s race. There’s a lot going on.”

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