New York Times union organizer’s anti-Israel rhetoric creates newsroom ‘dumpster fire

A top New York Times union organizer posted on X that Zionists are “butchers” and “depraved monsters” — igniting a firestorm in the newsroom, The Post has learned.

In addition to posting comments like Zionists “know how to kill,” Nastaran Mohit, organizing director of the NewsGuild of New York — who works on behalf of Times employees under a union contract — called the Gray Lady itself a “decrepit institution,” according to comments reviewed by The Post.

In response to a post celebrating the Times winning a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the war in Gaza, she posted it was “utterly reprehensible” they would be given an award.

Nastaran Mohit, organizing director of the NewsGuild of New York, works on behalf of Times employees under a union contract. X/@NasMohit
New York Times union organizer Nastaran Mohit has called Zionists “butchers.”

She also reposted a video where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “Hamas cares nothing about the civilians,” with the caption, “An objective lie, you bloodthirsty savage of a human being… rot in hell.”

The union-sanctioned antisemitism has turned internal newsroom politics at the Times into a slow-burning “dumpster fire” one employee told The Post.

And some angry staffers, Jewish employees in particular, say they are outraged they are paying a portion of their salaries to the union — and are demanding to know why they are funding an “adversary” of journalism.

“It’s clear that some of the people we pay to represent us hate us because … they not only attack The New York Times but journalism itself,” another longtime staffer told The Post.

“Why does the union keep antagonizing the members of its largest dues-paying group?”

Mohit told Clinton to “rot in hell” for her condemnation of Hamas. X/@NasMohit

“The people who tweeted these things should not have any role at a journalist union. Period,” another reporter said, but added he has yet to voice his thoughts publicly for fear of reprisal.

“I had other reporters warn me that if I even spoke out and asked the Guild Staff to be non-partisan, I would face consequences,” he said. “Any request to be centrist or politically neutral is considered taboo.”

Mohit, who scored a 2020 Teen Vogue profile in which she discussed how her morning routine involved eating a “bowl of oatmeal, flax and vegan protein powder,” is not the only union employee to post incendiary comments about Jews.

Another reposted a since-debunked image that claimed to show a gourmet meal at an upscale Israeli restaurant as people in Gaza are starving to death.

A third union employee, Lena Ruth Solow, posted on X in February that Israel’s strikes against Gaza were “genocide.”

This comes as the union asks New York Times staffers to vote on whether to implement a measure that would permanently increase union dues to 1.75% from 1.4%.

One union worker said Israel’s response to the Hamas attacks is “genocide.” X/@lenaruthsolow

Representatives for Mohit, the union and the Times could not immediately be reached for comment.

Times employees received paper ballots this week and are in the process of voting on whether to increase membership dues.

“For a lot of people this has raised the question about who is looking out for our interests,” the Times staffer said.

“They [the union employees] are activists who seem to not care that their actions and words could have real harm on the people they represent.”

This isn’t the first time New York Times staffers have had issues with the union representing them.

In December, a group of journalists formed a so-called “independence caucus” to prevent the NewsGuild from interfering with its journalistic independence.

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