Naked Angela Simmons covered in oreos biscuits in pool of jacuzzi

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Naked Angela Simmons covered in oreos biscuits in pool of jacuzzi..(Read More Here).

Angela Simmons is catching heat for the second time in as many weeks.

Angela Simmons found herself in the midst of some controversy recently thanks to her purse at the BET Awards. Overall, the purse was in the shape of a gun, and she was holding it like one as well. Although she seemed to be happy with the item, the internet wasn’t. Some felt like she was promoting gun violence. Others simply felt like the whole thing was a corny display that should not be celebrated. That said, Simmons and her beau Yo Gotti doubled and even tripled down on the accessory.

Today, however, Simmons has found herself in the crosshairs of social media yet again. This time, it is because she decided to help promote Slutty Vegan in Atlanta by bathing in a tub full of Oreos. Overall, it was a pretty bizarre display. After all, why would someone do this and how does it actually promote anything? Sometimes, you have to ask these questions when you come across such antics online. As it turns out, the audience wasn’t exactly feeling this, and they let Simmons know.

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