My fiancé gave me dream beach proposal — but I lost engagement ring in ocean

Her big “Yes!” quickly turned into an “Oh, no!”

Within seconds of becoming a fiancée during a beautiful beachside proposal, a butter-fingered bride-to-be lost her brand new diamond ring in the sea. 

“Now we have the craziest engagement story to tell,” Katie Nicholson, 24, captioned a TikTok tell-all about her freaky misfortune. 

Nicholson and fiancé Steve feared they’d never find her engagement ring after it was lost at sea. @beastbarbie_/Instagram

Eye-popping visuals of the pop-the-question gone wrong — a photo series that has amassed more than 560,000 views — show Nicholson, a fitness influencer digitally known as “Beast Barbie,” excitedly accepting sweetheart Steven’s ring over the weekend. 

Seconds after agreeing to become his wife, the pumped pair ran into the ocean for a splashy celebration. 

However, the honeys’ hearts nearly sank when Nicholson’s finger bling suddenly went missing in the waves. 

“Wait the ring…,” wrote the blond atop an image of herself and Steven digging along the shoreline for the lost jewel. 

“Searching for the ring,” she continued, adding that a handful of kindly passersby, too, dove into the water in search of her sunken treasure. “Everyone around us started helping.

“There’s no way we’re finding it,” groaned the gutted Gen Z. “It’s in the OCEAN.”

Excited to be engaged, the twosome took a dip in the ocean without considering the possibility that the ring might go missing. A viral video revealed the shocking turn of events. @beastbarbie_/Instagram
Beachgoers jumped into the water to help the couple find their lost jewel as documented in a series of clips on TikTok. @beastbarbie_/TikTok
After a few frightened minutes of searching, an eagle-eyed man spotted the ring. @beastbarbie_/TikTok

Her pessimism aside, a “miracle guy” ultimately recovered the radiant rock. 

And luckily for clumsy brides nationwide, miraculous ring recuses happen pretty regularly.

Nick and Shaina Day’s big day dreams virtually went down the drain when she lost her golden token of their love just weeks before saying “I do” in 2001.

A number of lucky brides- and grooms-to-be have been able to recover their dearly departed diamonds after losing them in freak accidents. Make_story Studio –

But over two decades later in December 2022, the Lakeland, Florida, couple became flushed with glee after finding the ring in their toilet bowl. 

Similar to Nicholson’s near-nightmare, a set of South Carolina sweeties lost their ring on Myrtle Beach when the nervous groom-to-be dropped the gem in the sand last July. 

Serendipitously, a trinket-seeking teen, who’d been trolling the dunes with a metal detector, found the solitaire within 45 seconds. 

Nicholson hopes her magical engagement is a sign of a lasting marriage. @beastbarbie_/Instagram

“I felt like I saved a marriage,” said the hero adolescent. “It felt really good to do.”

And Nicholson, now reunited with her darling diamond, feels really good about the future. 

“What an emotional rollercoaster,” sighed relieved soon-to-wed in the caption of her post. “I think we’re meant to be together.”

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