Miss Canada Universe Makes History –

Lorraine Peters, 58 is set to make history in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant.

July 9, 2024 – Lorraine Peters, is from New Brunswick, Canada, and is the oldest contestant in history to enter the nation’s Miss Universe Canada Pageant.

Peters is in good company. Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez, a 60-year-old, lawyer, competed last week as Miss Universe Argentina.

Recently, Miss Universe Jamaica, Elaine Landy, 59 wowed the crowd in her native Jamaica during her pageant.

Miss Universe Historical Move

In 72 years, The Miss Universe pageant has removed the age limit requirements for contestants.  A feat that has been welcomed by women around the world. 

Originally, the eligible ages were from 18 to 28. Now for the first time, women over the age of 28 can enter. The inclusivity includes women who are Married, Lesbians and Trans.

Lorraine is the latest woman to get on that “wheel of fortune.” She is passionate about pageants and feels like it was destiny for her to be on the platform at this time in her life.

She relayed her excitement to CTV news, “It was almost like something that I always knew was going to happen had happened,” said Peters upon learning she had been selected as one of the 64 women across the country to compete for the title of Miss Universe Canada 2024.

Over the pageant’s seven decades, the event has undergone some ‘keeping up with the current times’ wheel of change. A 180-degree turn of sorts.

Who is Lorraine Peters?

Peters was chosen from Rothesay, New Brunswick where she lives. She runs a modeling agency and a personal development firm.

She is honored to represent diversity and inclusivity at this year’s pageant.

Peters has been competing in pageants for 15 years and has walked away with many wins.

Lorraine wants the world to know this, “older women can’t allow themselves to be relegated to the shadows,” Peters continues… because of your age, all of which are just fundamentally untrue.” CTV

Who Owns Miss Universe?

The Miss Universe is co-owned by none other than former U.S. President and current 2024 Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. 

The Miss Universe Canada pageant will be held on July 27th, in Windsor.

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