MGK Gets Extra Personal On “Hotel Diablo: Floor 13 Edition”

MGK is at an interesting point in his career. He found success as a rapper, then pivoted to pop punk. Now, he’s attempting to combine these genres into something uniquely him. The standard version of Hotel Diablo was mostly successful in doing this, but the deluxe version, aka Floor 13 Edition, proves that there’s even more to MGK’s stylistic fluidity than originally thought. There are six extra songs on Hotel Diablo: Floor 13 Edition, and they showcase impressive range in terms of tone and topic. The Ronny J beat on “El Pistolero” is going to make it an obvious standout for rap fans. It’s one of the best songs on the whole album.

Things get woozier and more reflective as the Floor 13 Edition wears on. “Bullets with Names” carries over the horns from “El Pistolero,” but have a more wistful feel to them. MGK also manages to secure a solid Young Thug feature. “FLOOR 13” is a live performance of the titular song, and it showcases MGK’s abilities as a rhymer and rocker simultaneously. The fans who like Tickets to My Downfall MGK will adore the last couple songs on the album. They are remixes of pre-existing Hotel Diablo songs, but the “sad version.” There’s acoustic guitars and dramatic strings added to “I Think I’m OKAY” and “Glass House.” The former is more successful, thanks to the YUNGBLUD feature, but all the “sad versions” are solid in their own right. Overall, an improvement on the original album.

Listen To Hotel Diablo: Floor 13 Edition By MGK

Hotel Diablo: Floor 13 Edition tracklist:

  1. Sex Drive
  2. El Diablo
  3. Hollywood Whore
  4. Glass House (featuring Naomi Wild)
  5. Burning Memories (featuring Lil Skies)
  6. A Message from the Count
  7. FLOOR 13
  8. Roulette
  9. Truck Norris Interlude
  10. Death In My Pocket
  11. Candy (featuring Trippie Redd)
  12. Waste Love (featuring Madison Love)
  13. 5:3666 (featuring Phem)
  14. I Think I’m OKAY (featuring YUNGBLUD)
  15. El Pistolero
  16. Bullets with Names (featuring Lil Duke, RJmrLA & Young Thug)
  17. FLOOR 13 (Live from Cleveland / August 13, 2022)
  18. I Think I’m OKAY (featuring YUNGBLUD) [Sad Version]
  19. Glass House (featuring Naomi Wild) [Sad Version]
  20. 5,3666 (featuring Phem) [V1 Demo]

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