Mets strike $5M deal with Elian Peña, 16, in international signing splash

Get to know the name Elian Peña, who the Mets are hoping at some near future date will be a rising star in their farm system.

The Mets are expected to use a large chunk of their bonus pool on the 16-year-old when the international signing period opens on Jan. 15, 2025. Two international scouting officials said it is their understanding the Mets and Peña have agreed upon a deal worth around $5 million, confirming a report from Baseball America.

The Mets have $6,261,600 to spend on prospects in this international market, so they are going nearly all-in on one teenager who might receive the largest bonus in the class.

The Mets are giving 16-year-old shortstop Elian Peña around $5 million.
The Mets are giving 16-year-old shortstop Elian Peña around $5 million. X

Peña is a lefty-hitting shortstop out of the Dominican Republic who is “one [of] if not the top player for the 2024-25 class,” one international scouting official said.

“The ability he [has] shown to hit is extremely advanced for his age, one of the most advanced approaches we have seen,” the official said. “There’s some defensive profile questions. I personally think it’s going to be more of a second base/third base profile but his bat will profile well at any of those positions.”

Peña is listed as 6-foot-2 and 155 pounds by the Javier Rodriguez Baseball Academy. His bonus would be the largest the Mets have handed out to an international prospect, smashing the former top mark of $2.85 million devoted to Venezuelan catcher Yovanny Rodriguez last January.

The deal can only become official next Jan. 15, but most teams secure the rights to the top available teenagers much earlier.

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