Marlon Wayans Issues Hilarious Warning To Burglars After Break-In

Intruders broke into Marlon Wayans’ L.A. home while his legendary brother Keenen Ivory Wayans was inside, and now the comedian has a warning for any burglars out there: “I am the WRONG N***A to ROB!”

Marlon Wayans

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

TMZ reports Marlon became the latest celebrity targeted for robbery. In the middle of the night last Saturday, two thieves made their way into the property. The Marlon star was away when it happened around 2:30 am, but his big brother, Keenen, was asleep in the home.

According to law enforcement insiders, the two intruders entered through the backyard and broke a back window to gain access to the house. By about 8:00 a.m. the next morning, members of Marlon’s team discovered his home raided and trashed.

While all this went down, the noise did startle the In Living Color creator out of bed. However, the half-awake Wayans thought it was nothing serious and went back to sleep.

The robbers, who are still on the run, got away with a safe and cash. Authorities haven’t shared the exact value of the missing money and items, but TMZ claims they took “several thousand dollars.” Police are still searching for clues in neighbors’ security footage as the investigation continues.

Marlon Wayans Speaks Out About The Break-In & Issues A Warning To Other Robbers: “I’m The WRONG N***A To Rob”

Marlon Wayans

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

After news of the incident went public, Marlon took to Instagram to address the robbery. He thanked everyone for the outpouring of concern and support. In the caption, he wrote, “God is so Good. Everyone is fine. I’m grateful.” In the comedic clip, he explained that his home is the worst place in the whole neighborhood to hit a lick.

“I don’t own s**t! The most valuable thing in my house… is my house. So unless you’re going to put that s**t on a truck and drag it away, then, hey, you did well,” he said.

“I don’t own jewelry,” he went on, adding that his gold ring is “fake” and only worn to monitor his heart. “I’m not flashy! No jewelry, no necklaces. I don’t have cash, I use credit cards. I’m the wrong n***a to rob!”

Marlon ended the video by pulling a Ben Carson and suggesting robbers target someone else. “Go up the block! There’s a lot of flashy n***as out there!” he joked.

In the caption, he listed that he only has two cars, including a “1994 Range Rover” that needs a jumpstart before stealing.

“Robbers don’t waste your energy or your life doing home invasions, shit is too heavy!!! You want to carry all that bulls**t? Throw your back out, and for what?! I repeat I don’t own shit valuable. I don’t have a bunch of cash or jewelry. Please pick a better [target] thank you and love you… still,” he wrote.

Thank goodness no one got hurt and Marlon’s still keeping his spirits up. When most people would understandably be crying, he’s still effortlessly keeping us laughing.

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