Make friends worldwide with Rosetta Stone language lessons

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If you’re planning on traveling the world in your lifetime, chances are you’re forgetting to pack something in your suitcase! Your passport? Nope. Tropical button-down? You’ve definitely got that. But how about Rosetta Stone? Not yet.

How will you ask for directions or order coffee if you don’t know at least a little French, Italian, or German? It’s not a bad idea, and it’s actually pretty fun with an app like Rosetta Stone. And, with New York Post’s Deal Days (sorta like Prime Day, but bigger and longer!), you can score lifelong access for $151.99 with code SAVENOW at checkout!

Travel the world with confidence

Rosetta Stone has 25 languages to choose from, and you can hop between them as you please. Maybe you’ll pick up some Spanish before heading down to Mexico, some Mandarin Chinese before visiting Singapore, or some Irish before heading to Ireland. 

The lessons start with basic conversational skills so you can ask where to find the best coffee in France or the best pub in Ireland. And when it’s time to order, you won’t have to worry about accidentally asking for something like clams by accident!

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You’ll even get help with your pronunciation and accent with AI-powered tech that listens to your speech. You don’t want to look silly trying to pronounce something in front of a French hottie, do you? Practice with your phone before you do the real thing!

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