Kodak Black Takes ‘Super Gremlin’ Off Setlist In Sobriety Move

Kodak Black - 2024 Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash Festival

Kodak Black- Source: Barry Brecheisen / Getty

After embracing his newfound sobriety, Kodak Black is removing one of his biggest songs “Super Gremlin” from his live show setlist.

We’ve seen several versions of Kodak Black throughout the years, but hopefully, his newest one is his best yet. The South Florida rapper has reportedly found sobriety and is switching up his habits heading forward.

According to Complex, part of his new clean lifestyle will include eliminating songs encouraging drug use from his live show. One song that seems to haunt him is “Super Gremlin” in which he famously raps “I knew the Perc’ was fake, but I still ate it.”

“It’s sad though, bruh, because it’s like that sh*t — the bar came to mind so quick,” he told an audience at a recent show. “I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t wanna say this sh*t, but I know this b***h gon’ go in.’ But we ain’t gon’ play like that, bruh. When I was at my stage, chewing on them Percs, I ain’t gonna say I popped them b***hes.”

He went on to open up about his struggles with drug use revealing how badly he was addicted to prescription pills before finding sobriety.

“But when I was at my stage, I was chewing like — bruh, I swear to God and my n***as will vouch — I was chewing 100 Percs a day, man. Average like 40. Average!”

“If I was f**king with them fake sh*ts, bruh, I’d have been dead. Bruh, I say that, I’m explaining myself now. I don’t want y’all to hear that and take that and feel like it’s okay to do that sh*t, ya feel me?”

Now that Kodak has a clear mind, he understands his music’s impact on his fans and wants to steer them in a better direction. Hopefully opening up about his sobriety will inspire his fans to do the same.

You can watch him explain why he won’t perform “Super Gremlin” going forward below.

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