Jontay Porter Pleads Guilty In Gambling Scandal

Jontay Porter - Toronto Raptors v Portland Trail Blazers

Jontay Porter – Source: Alika Jenner / Getty

Former NBA player and Toronto Raptor Jontay Porter has pleaded guilty in federal court over his sports betting scandal.

One of the dumbest crimes committed in sports recently involves Jontay Porter and his Crypto bros thinking they could outsmart betting Apps. However, sports betting apps monitor any irregular gambling activity and bets to ensure no insider betting happens on their watch. Jontay Porter didn’t get the memo and believed his scheme providing inside health information would go unnoticed.

Also, leaving two games early with increased betting odds on you missing your targets is asking for you to get caught.

According to KGET, Jontay has pleaded guilty in a New York federal court and cooperating with police. For now, he is being treated for gambling addiction after being expelled from the NBA by commissioner Adam Silver.

In addition to pleading guilty to “conspiracy to commit wire fraud,” Porter is also involved in the cases of his four co-conspirators. As sports betting is sweeping the nation this is a first-of-its-kind case. Expelling him from the NBA makes a bold statement to other players in the NBA to keep their hands clean.

Furthermore, soon we will learn just how severe his judicial punishment will be.

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