JaNa Love Island Nose Job Before Surgery Photos Exposed –

JaNa from Love Island USA is one of the top contestants from this season. However, past photos of the reality star are making their rounds online following her going viral on the show.

JaNa Before Surgery

July 11, 2024- According to this TikTok video posted by user @drleifrogers, JaNa from Love Island USA underwent a rhinoplasty in the past which ultimately changed the shape of her nose.

JaNa Nose Job

As the TikToker explains, JaNa previously had a seemingly normal nose that had a particularly bulbous tip. Now, following her rhinoplasty procedure, she has a nose with a narrower base and upturned tip.  The TikToker goes through the supposed educational steps of JaNa’s procedure in which he claims her new nose is more symmetrical with her face and makes her eyes and lips pop more.

JaNa Love Island USA Nose Job

JaNa has been open about her rhinoplasty on her TikTok channel here, in which she posted regular updates following the procedure with her followers. In this video pinned to her page about her 9-week post-op experience, she touches on how she went to Turkey to get the procedure done and how it cost her $6K.

The latest episode of Love Island USA is set to drop this Thursday.

What do you think about JaNa’s new look and her breaking down the experience online?

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Image Credit: @drleifrogers TikTok, @jana.craig TikTok

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